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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV Apps
If you've got a full cover art library in iTunes, you want to show it off in iChat! Here are the basic steps which I recently blogged for myself:
  1. Get GraphicsImporter OSAX.

  2. Make sure iChat AV Beta is installed.

  3. Run this script:
    set theAlbum to ""
    set theData to ""
    tell application "iTunes"
      set theAlbum to album of current track
      set theData to (data of artwork 1 of current track)
    end tell
    set theTiff to giconvert theData type "TIFF" resolution {32, 32}
    tell application "iChat"
      set status message to theAlbum
      set image to theTiff
    end tell
  4. Change a lot, add error detection, stuff like that.
Notice that you don't need iChatStatus any more, since there's a real AppleScript interface to change the status message. Just write an AppleScript application with an idle statement, and voila!
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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: DougAdams on Aug 27, '03 10:55:24AM
Additionally, we have Now Playing in iChat AV v1.6 which continuously displays currently playing track info in iChat AV status, and Daryl Hawes' site has several free-standing AppleScripts that update iChat AV with iTunes info (sans iChatStatus).

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes

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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: seven5 on Aug 27, '03 11:23:40AM

I would still use ichatStatus to run this script, just because i dont want anything in my dock. I want these things to be transparent. I dont want to know they are going on in the background, and thats what ichatstatus provides.

In fact, i think a whole applescript daemon would be a good thing to have. Something like ichat status, but you just load applescripts in, and you can tell them when to run and how often, and maybe give them application dependencies, hmmmmmmmm.....

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Authored by: mazatty on Aug 28, '03 12:57:28AM

actually i've been working on a applescript daemon for a week or so. right now it just does timers, run a script at a certain time, and run a script right now. it has a folder of scripts that it loads at startup and can be reloaded so the daemon doesn't have to be restarted. it's written in applescript right now, but i think i'm going to look into applescript studio so it can have a fancy interface, right now it has none. the interface is provided by applescripts that add timers to the daemon. it also allows for the scripts to send a script object to be used as the action for the timer. the ability to send script object is very handy and adds some useful functionality, but it does open up a bit of a security hole if you have remote apple events enabled. repeating scripts are a good idea. application dependencies can be done in the scripts, but i can see some advantages to having them in the daemon.

thanks for the ideas.

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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: redwing6454 on Aug 28, '03 09:48:08AM
Sounds a bit like Konfabulator. (Which also offers much more).

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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: eduo on Aug 29, '03 12:42:05PM

No. It's nothing like Konfabulator.

I like Konfabulator, and think it's a neat app with some legitimate uses (although these are less than 10% of what's available out there, and 90% of people use it to have their machines' displays look cool) but I hate when users plug their favorite programs regardless of the relevancy.

Konfabulator has nothing like this, can't do nothing like this and is completely irrelevant to this hint.

This hint says how to put cover art in the picture field in iChat and song name in the status of it. Konfabulator can't do anything like this, it's not designed to do anything like this and would be overkill and stupid trying to use it for something like this.

Also, the comment you're replying to proposes an AppleScript daemon to run these kinds of tasks (why nobody thinks of cron, which I use to run AppleScript tasks periodically at specified intervals, as precisely what they want is beyond me) which is even further apart from anything Konfabulator could ever do to make your comment even more off-topic.

Almost as off-topic as my reply, which I couldn't help.

Think, people, before blindly plugging things you like. Doing it like this just shows how little you understand the exact thing you're preaching about.



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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: jamieph on Sep 19, '05 12:07:16AM

Actually, I think it is slightly relevant even though the author of the comment wasn't clear why.

Konfabulator has a widget available that has this capability.

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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: eduo on Aug 29, '03 12:44:53PM

Why not think of Cron and use cron for this?

Cron can currently run AppleScript (as well as a plethora of others) scripts at intervals and has severla GUI interfaces that can be used to set things up in a "friendly" window.

What has cron missing from what you're proposing? (just a question, not a flame).

Conversely. Put a single script in cron that executes a specified applescript, and this secondary applescript has its own directories and way of controlling what scripts run when. So every minute or every 10 minutes the "main" applescript script runs and this one, in turn, runs whatever is appropiate according to its internal definitions



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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: dhawes on Aug 29, '03 07:21:42PM
You got to it first :)
I planned on posting a similar message.
To execute an AppleScript as a background timed event you can use cron. There is a command line tool on OS X called osascript that can be used to execute applescripts (man osascript). For a good Cron GUI I'd recommend Cronnix -

The command to execute would be osascript (path/to/applescript) and you can do as many as you want.
So if you open a terminal and type 'crontab -e' to edit your own crontab file you can enter something like:
*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/osascript /path/to/applescript1
*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/osascript /path/to/applescript2
*/15 * * * * /usr/bin/osascript /path/to/applescript3

Then cntrl-x and return to save your changes and you have a cron job configured that will execute three applescripts - applescript1 will be run every 5 minutes, applescript2 every 10 and applescript3 every 15.

BTW - mazatty - if you complete your scriptdaemon and it will be released as an open source freeware project let me know. I'd be happy to post it on cocoaobjects, perhaps you could supply a 'how to' to go along with it.

Hope that helps,


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Display iTunes cover art in iChat AV
Authored by: lllama on Aug 28, '03 09:40:20AM

That site has a few tutorials on launching Applescripts from a Cocoa application. Might be worth looking at for some hints and tips.

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Use iTunes Catalog to get artwork
Authored by: andrewz on Nov 03, '03 10:18:06AM
You can use KavaSoft's new iTunes Catalog program to easily download album artwork for your entire library and copy it into iTunes.

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