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Use the IrDA menu to avoid slow menubar clock update System
Ever since I bought my TiBook 500 nearly two years ago, I've been annoyed by a strange little slowdown involving the menubar clock. Whenever I woke my TiBook from sleep (usually by opening the screen), everything would be fine ... except it would take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds for the menubar clock to update to the current time (from whatever time it was when the 'Book was last awake). During this time, many other menu functions would not respond, most irritatingly the Modem menu's "Connect" command. You could click the command, but strangely enough, it would do nothing until the clock updated.

Anyway, while trying to get my Mac to play nice with my new Nokia 6800 phone (the one with the cool flip-over keyboard), I accidently enabled the IrDA menu item (which can be found in the network settings for IrDA in System Preferences; once the menu is enabled, IrDA doesn't have to be turned on or even an active network port). The end result of enabling the IrDA menu is that the menubar clock updates instantly, thus avoiding the odd and frustrating lag.

So, if you can afford to sacrifice a little menubar space for the IrDA menu (and your Mac can run the IrDA menu), you too can totally obliterate this annoying little bug!
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or use PTH Clock instead
Authored by: macosit on Aug 22, '03 03:30:19PM

PTH Clock is a nice little clock program that's free and has a good calendar function. Make it a Login item and deselect the built-in menu bar clock in Date & Time preference pane.

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Use the IrDA menu to avoid slow menubar clock update
Authored by: asher on Aug 22, '03 05:23:21PM

I'm guessing you have "Use a Network Time Server" checked in the Time/Date preferences. It sounds like you use dial up to connect as you mention the modem won't connect during this period of wake up after sleep. Maybe it takes the clock program a little while to figure out there is no network connection. I further guess that the IR feature upon wakeup sets some flag indicating no network connection yet, that the clock sees this and doesn't wait for a network timeout. Just a guess. I don't have IrDA activated on my powerbook and don't not see a slow clock on wakeup. I have several network choices and Location set on automatic. Perhaps that's the difference.

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Use the IrDA menu to avoid slow menubar clock update
Authored by: dcclark on Aug 22, '03 05:29:27PM

I don't think this is the case. I've seen this strange behavior on my Pismo whether on dialup or 100BaseT ethernet! It also happens with "use network time server" enabled and disabled. I think it's just a strange waking-up-from-sleep problem. Incidentally, it happens with FuzzyClock as well as the standard menubar clock.

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Not just powerbooks
Authored by: stewby on Aug 23, '03 10:22:36AM

I've had this problem (intermittently) with my G4 tower for years. The clock is no big deal, but the dial-up delay can be a real pain. My experience is that it's very random; every time I do a system upgrade installation, it may appear or disappear, even if I've previously installed the same update on another partition without any effect. It's a very strange bug, and hard to pin down.

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try toggling ethernet
Authored by: RalfM on Aug 24, '03 10:26:28PM

Since I've turned the ethernet connection off in my home (dial up) location I've no longer had that delay.


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