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Repair permissions to fix remote login issues System
I have had a nagging problem for nearly two months. While everything works perfectly when working directly on my PowerBook G4, I have been unable to login to it from other computers on the local network. In each case, I either received a -36 error, or was told that my login/password was incorrect. However, those same login/password combinations (I have/tried several) worked directly (but not remotely).

Today, I found the same problem on a client's Desktop G4 and became determined to find the answer. After all other attempts were exhausted, I repaired permissions (via Disk Utilities). It did not seem to help until I rebooted. At that point, all worked fine, as it had prior to the problem.

I then came home and tried the same two steps on my PBG4 (repair permissions and reboot), and it was fixed as well. Some will say that this should have been obvious. It was not, to me, and it may not be obvious to others - thus the hint.

[robg adds: I wouldn't have thought to use permissions repair to fix a remote login glitch, so hopefully others will consider this useful.]
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Repair permissions to fix remote login issues
Authored by: macemoneta on Aug 21, '03 04:05:48PM

Why do permissions always seem to get screwed up on Mac OSX? I have both a Mac with OSX and Linux machines, and I've never encountered this on Linux. On the Mac, I've had to repair permissions periodically, and I've started doing it after each installation (including maintenance) as a preventative measure. Is this a known bug, and if so any idea when this will be fixed? Or is this just something related to the way Apple is using the OS or developers mis-package software? It really is annoying.

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Repair permissions to fix remote login issues
Authored by: Convicted on Aug 21, '03 07:25:58PM

Just an extra hint:
If you ever have a problem with your iPod not showing up in the Finder nor iTunes repair the permissions too and reboot afterwards. It fixed the problem for me like 3 times already.

I don't know if it's a bug in OS X but since it's such a new OS and uses so much different 'groups' it could be. I think it could be a combination of bad packaged software and OS X not handling it too well but Apple's own software seems to get affected too.

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Repair permissions to fix remote login issues
Authored by: danskinnyman on Aug 21, '03 10:56:06PM

it has to do with programs (mainly installers) changing system files for their needs and then for some reason not changing them back. I know for an install of an ftp server (crushftp i believe) i had to alter the permissions of a system file so that it could operate. I'm assuming this is happening at a larger scale during some installs and then the installer not or being unable to return the permissions to what they should be.

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This fixed my remote login problem - THANK YOU
Authored by: captnswing on Nov 01, '04 04:28:55AM

for whatever reason, I couldn't connect to a remote OS X 10.2 machine with ARD. This hint solved my problem!!

just ran

sudo diskutil repairPermissions /
sudo shutdown -r now

in the remote shell and pang! it worked. Thanks for posting this, I would have never thought of it myself!

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Repair permissions to fix remote login issues
Authored by: 47ronin on Aug 21, '03 09:14:06PM

I have a cronjob on all my Macs that runs every day at midnight that does:

diskutil repairPermissions /

Of course it has to run as superuser so you either have to enable root or find a way to get this cron to run with sudo permissions.

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Repair permissions to fix remote login issues
Authored by: Imacer on Aug 21, '03 11:04:21PM

Works for me as well.

Been macintosh user since they first came out.

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Anyone having problems should try it
Authored by: Xeo on Aug 22, '03 08:45:13PM

Repairing permissions has become one of the first troubleshooting steps I try when something starts going crazy on me. It works often enough and I've never had it *hurt* so it's always worth a shot.

And remember, you can repair permissions from the OS X Install CD so even if you can't boot your machine, at least try repairing from the CD before you reinstall.

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Anyone having problems should try it
Authored by: pcunixapl on Aug 26, '03 08:29:39AM

I'm a mistrusting sort.

I prefer to run diskutil verifyPermissions /

and decide for myself whether something should be fixed..

Tony Lawrence

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Repair permissions to fix remote login issues
Authored by: Phorne on Aug 28, '03 05:08:42PM

In my experience, it has been best to boot by the OSX install CD and repair permissions using that Disk Utility first.

Then (as a second pass) you can repair permissions using disk utility while booted by the main drive. However, I do recommend being logged in as the main user if it's a one user machine.

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