Perform direct site-to-site FTP with any FTP client

Aug 14, '03 10:01:00AM

Contributed by: Mikey-San

In this forum thread, the topic of direct site-to-site FTP (moving files from one FTP server to another without visiting your local machine first) was brought up, with a few solutions covered. One was to use Fetch, which apparently has this feature built in, but seeing as how I don't like Fetch (UI bugs me, mainly), I came up with a way to do it from Transmit (or any FTP client that lets you look at the "computer" level of your machine to see locally mounted volumes). Check it out:

  1. Mount the source FTP server in the Finder with Command-K (or Go -> Go to Server if you prefer menus).
  2. Launch Transmit (or other FTP client, as noted above).
  3. Navigate to the Computer level with the pop-up menu on the left-hand side of the Transmit window, and select the locally mounted FTP server.
  4. Mount your target (destination) FTP server in the right-hand side of the Transmit window.
  5. Do what comes naturally, and drag your stuff over!
I tried that on a whim just now, and it works amazingly well.

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