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Printing to a networked non-postcript printer in Classic Classic
Many inkjets (and non-PostScript laser printers) can be networked in OS 10.2.x using ESP Ghostscript and one of the driver packages from the Mac OS X page at, and using either a cheap ($50) parallel to ethernet print server, or even a router that has a built-in parallel port print server.

I could not, however, figure out how to print from Classic to a networked inkjet, since Classic uses the OS 9 printing system, not the CUPS system used in OS 10.2.x. Trying to print directly from Classic gives pages of junk printing. But I found at least a partial solution (note: this assumes you have already set up the printer in OS X):

  1. Set up the inkjet in Classic as a LaserWriter 8 LPR printer using the OS 9 Desktop Printer Utility.
  2. In Classic, print to a PostScript file instead of to the printer.
  3. Drag the PostScript file from your desktop to the OS X Print Center. It will print on the default printer.
Read the rest of the hint for a detailed version of these instructions...

To set up the printer:
  1. Open the OS 9 Desktop Printer Utility (should be in Applications (OS 9)>Utilitiies folder)
  2. From the File menu select "New..." . You should get a window titled "New Desktop Printer" that says "With:" "LaserWriter 8". If you had other PostScript drivers installed in OS 9/Classic, select "LaserWriter 8".
  3. In the "Create Desktop..." section select "Printer (LPR)" and click "OK"
  4. A window will open titled "Untitled 1" with selections for:
    • "PostScript Printer Description (PPD) File," which will show "Generic"
    • "LPR Printer Selection," which will show "unspecified"
    Click on "Change..." for the "LPR Printer Selection" section.
  5. In the window that pops up:
    • for "Printer Address:" enter the IP address you gave the inkjet printer (such as if using an AirPort Base Station)
    • for "Queue" enter "lp"
    • click "Verify" - it should add a line that says "The printer is located at" (or whatever IP address you gave it in OS X).
    • click "OK"
    You will go back to the window from item 4. Click "Create"
  6. A window will pop up that says "Specify a name for this printer." Enter a name like "Deskjet 855c". Be sure to use a different name from any you used in OS X. Click "OK". The window from step four should now be titled with the printer name you just entered.
  7. Quit Desktop Printer Utility
To print:
  1. Use Page Setup to select the printer name you put in in item 7. Do not use one of the OS X selections (these will crash your program and maybe crash Classic). You may also be able to select the printer in the Print window when you print.
  2. When you print, in the Print window select "Destination" as "File". Do not try to print to the Printer. Click "Print".
  3. The OS 9/Classic LaserWriter 8 driver will create a PostScript file on your desktop. Drag this file onto the OS X Print Center. The file will print to the default OS X printer (so make sure the printer you planned to use is selected as the default in Print Center).
This worked for me, although one font in OS 9/Classic did not print out as expected when I printed the PostScript file in OS X. Maybe the font needs to be installed in OS X, too. One other method is to copy the text you want to print from the Classic application to an OS X application. I have done this from WordPerfiect 3.5e to AppleWorks.
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Use Folder Actions to automate step 3.
Authored by: ces3001 on Aug 11, '03 10:44:40AM

Sounds like a good time to flex those Folder action muscles in OS X. If you print, er, save the print file to a specific folder in OS 9, have OS X's folder actions send the file to the printer automatically.

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Printing to a networked non-postcript printer in Classic
Authored by: awkohr on Aug 11, '03 03:11:03PM
Try playing around with this.
I know some printers assume that if information is comming across a certain TCP/IP port# it assumes that it will be formated in a certain way. HP's older printers assume that LPR print jobs will be in the format of ASCII and will greek when you print some printer jobs. However on our campus we have appletalk print ques on a unix server that then push the jobs to the lpr port of the printer.

In some applications like quark or some versions of adobe acrobat you can set print using ASCII in the printer dialog box. However to enable this in more applications try loading Adobe's printer drive in the classic environment. with it you can set the output to be either ASCII or Binary. I would try both.


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