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Spy - Show the world what you're up to! Pick of the Week
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While digging around through my folder of intersting stuff to look at someday, I stumbled across Spy. Spy is a simple program with a simple mission: put your desktop on the web. Spy does this, though, in a very well thought out manner.

Spy includes its own webserver, which it uses to publish images of your desktop. Even better, however, is that it also streams your desktop -- so users can see what you're doing in (near) real time. In practice, it was able to push out my 1920x1200 desktop images at the rate of about one or two frames per second, which was quite impressive. If you're behind a firewall, make sure to forward the port you're using in Spy (2000 by default) to your Mac, otherwise your visitors may not see anything at all.

You can control things like the the type, size, and quality of the image to be uploaded, what information is displayed with the image (time, date, OS version, CPU speed, etc.), and even the design of the page. You can even optionally list your streamed desktop on a "Spy Tracker" if you want to publicize your work habits to the rest of the world!

The biggest annoyance at this point is that the streamed images won't work in Safari (though static images are fine), so you'll have to have your guests use another browser if they want to see your streaming desktop images.

Spy is primarily a fun little app (and potentially embarassing if you forget you have it running!), though it could be useful in tech support situations where you may not have direct access to the other user's machine.
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Spy - Show the world what you're up to!
Authored by: yellow on Aug 04, '03 11:06:09AM

Yikes.. I would not want to forget this was running :-)

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Spy - Show the world what you're up to!
Authored by: prk on Aug 04, '03 11:53:22AM

Why doesn't Safari (and Omniweb) do multi-part JPEGs! This is the way my web cam works and it pisses me off. Even IE can't do it. The only browser that works is Mozilla/Netscape. And Netscape has been doing it for years.

Anyway, my 2c...

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Spy - Show the world what you're up to!
Authored by: nick2588 on Aug 08, '03 01:03:25AM

Yes, this makes Spy pretty worthless. None of the mainstream browsers support this "HTTP server-push".

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Spy - Show the world what you're up to!
Authored by: elf on Aug 04, '03 06:49:38PM
I like Screen Dump. while it isn't realtime I don't need any special firewall options. I just have it snap a pict and automatically ftp it to my website where people can just refresh the URL.

You can have it snap a pict every so many seconds too. Freeware but I sent him the $10 so he could buy a couple Latte's or Beers..

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