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Create an internet radio station with shoutcast Internet
If you want to set up your own internet radio using Shoutcast, here are some instructions:
  1. Follow the instructions at to download, install, and configure your Shoutcast server. You will need to use the Terminal app to do this, and you'll need the Developer Tools installed as well.

  2. Download MacAmp Lite X (aka MALTX). It's abandonware, and the codes for registation and the plugins power pack are at the bottom of the page (it doesn't matter which version you use).

  3. Follow the instructions in Shoutcast's "Read Me" file.
That's it -- now make a playlist and broadcast!
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Create an internet radio station with shoutcast
Authored by: wub-fur on Aug 05, '03 10:57:10AM

This hint seems like an abbreviated version of a message I posted on the Shoutcast user forums in March:

To broadcast under Mac OS X:

1. Follow the instructions at to download, install & configure the Shoutcast server. Note that this is a Unix command line program that you run in the OS X Terminal and configure by editing a text file. It has no GUI (so if you're totally unfamiliar with Unix you'll most likely need to do a little homework first).

2. Download the excellent abandonware program MacAmp Lite X (aka MALTX) from This is regular OS X native program with a nice Aqua-style GUI. Abandonware means MALTX was formerly commercial/shareware, but is now free (though unsupported). You can use either the last final release 1.1 version or the newer (beta) r10c2 (1.5b) version. You'll need a name & license code to register MALTX and the Plug-ins Power Pack (included in the download) but they're right on the web page you download it from.

3. Follow the instructions in the "Broadcasting Read Me" under MALTX's help menu to configure the Broadcast plug-in's preferences (in MALTX's preferences window) and point it at the IP address and port of the shoutcast server you downloaded, installed & configured in step 1 (this can reside on the same machine as MALTX or a different one).

4. Make a playlist of some mp3s or oggs or aiffs or wavs or whatever (MALTX supports lots of formats). Start it playing, click the Start button in the Broadcast plug-in's prefs and that's it, you're on the air.

Bo Orloff
Wub-Fur Internet Radio

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Use MP3 sushi instead
Authored by: matx666 on Aug 05, '03 12:48:35PM

Go to versiontracker:

or this URL:

MP3 sushi uses icecast. And it's got a GUI with a START button. Been using it flawlessly for months now. Has streaming and jukebox functionality(where u choose your tunes).


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Use MP3 sushi 1.4
Authored by: matx666 on Aug 05, '03 01:45:59PM

The original software developer site is unavailable:

And the other links I referenced have the older version, here's 1.4 latest:


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Create an internet radio station with shoutcast
Authored by: bluehz on Aug 07, '03 07:46:32PM

I really like MALTX and would prefer to use a real time playlist manager like MALTX, but in my experience with it... for one thing it will suck the life dry out of a CPU when broadcasting (mainly because you do downsampling via MaltX I believe (as opposed to the Shoutcast Transcoder (sc_trans) that downsamples via the CLI and lame mp3 encoder. Still a bit hefty on the ol CPU... but doesn't cause the stream to skip while encoding. Also - don't know what causes it - but MaltX will crash on a fairly frequent basis. PRob hitting some bad MP3 or something, but with a collection of 53k mp3's I am bound to have a few bad ones... When MaltX crashes... you get dead air.

So far the only reliable, cpu friendly solution I have found is using the shoutcast server (sc_server) and the shoutcast trasncoder (sc_trans).

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Create an internet radio station with shoutcast
Authored by: laughlin on Aug 05, '03 11:27:00AM

Or You can download quicktime streaming server

and read this article hear

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Create an internet radio station with shoutcast
Authored by: bluehz on Aug 05, '03 02:18:52PM

I have tried for over a year to get a nice radio station running and had no luck. Mostly because the various pkgs, players, etc suck the life outta my machine. This in turn leads to numerous skips and anomalies coming through the radio station. Also - getting a good compile of the products needed took months before I finally got it right. I finally found a solution after working with it for several months. It is command line driven and still in development, but if you are interested I will be glad to make it available. Leave me a PM with your email and I will send it. If there is enough interest I will refine and pkg for masses.

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