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Use DockBrowser to bypass the 'Connect to Server' dialog Network
If you find the "Connect To Server" dialog a little slow for connecting to AppleShare servers in the Jaguar Finder, then you might like DockBrowser (screenshot). DockBrowser is another useful piece of Apple sample code. It sits in your dock and shows the number of AppleShare servers on your LAN in a Mail-Style badge (at least all of them that advertise their service through Rendezvous).

To quickly connect to any server, just control-click on the dock icon to reveal the app's pop-up menu, which shows a list of the available servers, and select one to connect to it. Because the app is not searching for servers (it already knows their addresses), it is much faster than the "Connect" dialog. In the app's preferences, make sure you have "afpovertcp" selected, otherwise you will be shown all Rendezvous webservers on your LAN.

You can download the source code directly from Apple, and note that the Developer Tools are required to compile the application - I would post the app itself, however I'm not sure about the legality of that.

[robg adds: I tried compiling on my desktop G4, and it failed with two errors. I then copied the project over to my G4 laptop, and it built successfully. The two machines are running the same build of OS X (6L60 of 10.2.6) with the same version of the Dev Tools, so I'm not sure what's up ... but the app ran just fine once I moved it back to the desktop after compiling on the laptop. Update: Two friends, one on a desktop, one on a laptop. Desktop user: no luck, laptop user: compiled. That's two compiles on the laptops, zero compiles on the desktops ... odd!]

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Use DockBrowser to bypass the 'Connect to Server' dialog
Authored by: pink on Jul 21, '03 10:30:20AM

Compiles (with three warnings) and runs on a b/w G3 (desktop).
Prefer to have the "Favourites" folder in the dock for frequently used servers though, cause it brings up the login screen with the correct username already filled in.

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Authored by: scoog on Jul 22, '03 12:31:38AM

Ditto here. Compiled w/ 3 warnings, B&W-G3-450 desktop running 10.2.6.
Doesn't find my OS 9 server though but what do I know about Rendevous? Shouldn't it detect afp over tcp/ip?


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Since Compilation seems to be problematic...
Authored by: Diggory on Jul 21, '03 11:18:19AM
I'll risk posting the compiled app: Here

monkeyfood software -

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Use DockBrowser to bypass the 'Connect to Server' dialog
Authored by: schwa on Jul 21, '03 11:44:17AM
Check out iRoster It is just like DockBrowser but with a whole lot more functionality!

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Use DockBrowser to bypass the 'Connect to Server' dialog
Authored by: msk on Jul 22, '03 10:11:30AM

Odds are that machines that this program compiles on have the current (Dec 2002) version of the developer tools--I have them and this program compiles fine.

A lot of of stuff does not compile on machines with the July 2002 developer tools, for example a lot of the opensource software distributed by "fink" and I bet this program. Also, the July 2002 set has a nasty bug in the plist editor, it corrupts all real number entries.

Getting the Dec 2002 Developer Tools is tricky, rather big to download if you have 56K dialup and the only alternative is to belong to the developer program (something like $200 per year to get monthly mailing of the CD's & DVD's containing Developer Tools, SDK's, OS releases). The Dec 2002 Developer Tools came with the OS X 10.2.3 CD set.

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Use DockBrowser to bypass the 'Connect to Server' dialog
Authored by: sky131 on Aug 04, '03 01:50:03AM

Is there a way to use this to recognize and connect to SMB shares? I have a Windows XP box that stores many of my files and hate having to always 'connect to server' to mount these drives.

Is there already a program that you can have an icon in the dock which you can right click and have aliases to chose from? I could then have each shared folder as an alias which can be mounted via this alias?

If there is no such program how would you recommend I go about making such a piece of software? I am new to Macs, sorry if what I am asking is dumb or has been done.

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