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Use Keynote for creating 3x5 notecards Apps
macosxhints' reader Joe M. sumbitted this hint via email. Although I haven't tested it myself, it could be quite useful if you have a need for printing to small notecards. Everything after this line is his original text...

I recently needed to print some info on 3"x5" notecards using my HP LaserJet 4000. In the past, I've been able to print with margins less than 1/4" inch from the card's edge using MS Publisher 97 from Windows. But, for some reason, when printing from Word on OS X, the smallest margin I could actually get printed was more than 1/2" inch (a huge amount of lost real estate when printing on index cards).

After wasting a lot of 3x5 index cards, I tried using Keynote and it worked better than I hoped:
  1. Simply set the Keynote slide size to 500 w X 300 h.
  2. Place your content as close to the slide's edge as needed (how close to the edge ultimately depends on your printer).
  3. In Keynote's Page Setup, create a Custom Paper size measuring 3"x5".
  4. Print away.
The Inspector panel in Keynote give you a much finer level of control, compared to anything available in Word or Power Point, without have to buy a higher-end desktop publishing app.
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Use Keynote for creating 3x5 notecards
Authored by: pdeleon on Jul 15, '03 11:10:58AM

I have noticed a similar (the same?) problem as well. If a Word X document has a footer, it cannot be located less than 0.55" (on my printer) from the edge (bottom of page). Yet, in other applications, I can print right up to the edge of the page which suggests the problem is with Word not my printer. I have searched for solutions to this problem in MS's knowledge base to no avail.

Anyone know a solution to this?

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Use Keynote for creating 3x5 notecards
Authored by: emarmite on Jul 15, '03 02:03:33PM
This is a well known bug in MS Office. The default bottom margin has been changed from 0.25" to 0.56", check out Google Newsgroups for more info.

I get round it by using custom paper sizes. It's important to set your Page Setup so that it does not format for any particular printer, or else your custom paper size gets overriden. Word also seems to 'forget' my custom paper size between each print...

In the newsgroups, there are liberal amounts of dogma being applied on the topic about whether this is Word's fault or OS X. My money is on Word. Not only do all my other apps work fine, but there is another Word printing 'bug' where each section of a document is printed separately, stopping you from easily producing PDF versions of complex documents.

When you take these into account, it does rather look like M$ may be doing this on purpose. KB articles at even state that this is 'by design'. It certainly makes it difficult when working on complex documents with PC users as you often end up with missing footers and multi-part PDF proofs.

Good luck!

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