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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth Network
I found a way to remotely control my presentations on my PowerBook (using 10.2.6) via my P800 Smartphone, mostly like Salling Clicker does with the SE T68i and T610. I really missed this possibilty in my new P800, like many other users. So I figured out the basic steps to solve the problem:

How to setup a remote controlled MAC
  1. Install a VNC Server on your Mac.
  2. Install a VNC Client in your P800.
  3. Establish a network connection between your MAC and P800 via Bluetooth.
Read the rest of the hint for instructions on making the P800 work as a remote control device...

Here are the required packages:
  1. You need a Mac OS X-supported Bluetooth dongle
  2. Install latest Apple Bluetooth Software
  3. Install Apples iSync 1.1
  4. Download and install OSXvnc server
  5. Download and Install VNCviewer on your P800.
Now the setup part:
  1. First you have to set up a TCP/IP connection with the mRouter command like in this hint. I use following command (shown on three lines; enter as one line with no added spaces):
    sudo sh -c "nohup /System/Library/SyncServices/SymbianConduit.bundle/
      Contents/Resources/mRouter -a 00:01:d0:15:d0:7e -t 30 -p800 >
      /tmp/mrouter.log 2>&1 &"
    Replace 00:01:d0:15:d0:7e with the MAC address from your phone. Check if your command is successful with following command:
    ifconfig ppp0
    If you have output like this:
    ppp0: flags=8050<POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
    ifconfig: interface ppp0 does not exist
    then you don't have a successful connection! If this happens, then switch your SE P800 off and on, and try again. Sometimes it helps if you download a file, e.g. ring tone etc. via Bluetooth File Exchange to your phone, and then try once again the mRouter command. A successful connection should have a output like this:
    ppp0: flags=8051<UP,POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
            inet --> netmask 0xffff0000
    This output means that you have established an IP connection via the PPP protocol. Your Mac has the IP address and your P800 has You can now test the connection by pinging your P800 from your Mac like this:
    % ping
    PING ( 56 data bytes
    64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=69 time=70.651 ms
    64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=69 time=68.303 ms
    64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=69 time=64.923 ms
    --- ping statistics ---
    3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max = 64.923/67.959/70.651 ms
  2. Start the OSXvnc server on your mac with the default settings and send it to the background (Hide OSXvnc)

  3. Start your PowerPoint presentation as a slide show

  4. Start VNCviewer1.1 on your P800 and type in the field "Host" the IP Address (your Mac's IP address). Type in the field "Screen" your Screennumber from your OSXvnc server ("0" is default). If you set a password on your MAC OSXvnc server, you have to set the same password in the password field of VNCviewer. Type "Save conf" and then "OK" in your P800 VNCviewer. Congratulations! You are controlling your Mac!

  5. You should now see the upper left corner in your P800 Display of your Mac's PowerPoint Presentation. Just click once on your P800 screen, and you should see the next slide on your Mac. You can now go back and forth between your slides by simply turning the jogdial wheel of your P800 down or up. That's it! Don't close the keyboard flip of your phone, because your phone's VNCviewer will quit. If the Bluetooth connection between the Mac and the P800 gets more reliable (maybe in near future...), it is possible to combine Jonas Salling's Clicker Proximity Sensor with the mRouter command. Then you have a fully automatic PPP link.

  6. After your presentation, quit the OSXvnc Server on your Mac and terminate the mRouter process by typing sudo killall mRouter. After 10 seconds the Bluetooth connection drops.
[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, lacking a P800 (or any sort of cool Bluetooth phone, for that matter).]
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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: shurakai on Jul 18, '03 01:03:01PM

con-rol? what's a "conrol"?

anyway, can't you do something similar with Sony's t68i's and Sailing Clicker?

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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: simonlok on Jul 18, '03 02:10:08PM

Thanks for the great tip. Very useful. Do ignore the idiots
who disparage people for contributing and think that they
know it all. Thanks again!

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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: shurakai on Mar 02, '05 03:36:05PM

or you could take it as a joke, as it was meant

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Authored by: Viridian on Jul 18, '03 02:21:53PM

Did you read the very first sentence of the hint? The author SAID that this hint offered something like the functionality of Salling Clicker and the Sony Ericsson T68i or T610. The hint also mentions that the author has the P800, which is not supported by Salling Clicker.

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Double *sigh*
Authored by: Viridian on Jul 18, '03 02:32:16PM

Sorry, hit the "Submit" button accidentally. I also wanted to point out that poking fun at people's typos is really juvenile, especially when you proceed to parade your ignorance by making it obvious that

a) You didn't read the hint;

b) You don't know what you're talking about;

c) Both of the above.

I love this site because of the civilized, helpful community who frequent it, and I'd be grateful if you'd respect the hints and comments of those who post them.

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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: OneTrueDabe on Jul 18, '03 06:43:31PM
Don't forget to poke a hole in your firewall.

Just like iSync uses ports 3000-3004, VNC requires access to your computer on port 5900.

   System Preferences -> Sharing -> Firewall -> New...

       Port Name: "Other"
       Port Number: 5900
       Description: VNC

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Remote Mac control with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: maged on Jul 19, '03 06:34:44PM
Building on this, you could also SSH from the P800 (without the need for VNC obviously) using the free download at Putty 0.5 Pre Alpha, although no CTRL or ESC keys available yet.
Could be useful if you need to kill a process, etc., and don't have another computer handy...

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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: joshuaagency on Jul 30, '03 07:15:52AM


I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I can't get it to work through Bluetooth. I can VNC to my computer over the internet using GPRS, but I don't get the option to connect over bluetooth. I am able to ping my phone in terminal, and I can send files through bluetooth. Can someone explain how it should work?

Any help would be great!


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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: nturpin on Aug 01, '03 01:15:07PM

I would have thought a much neater idea would be to get your phone to browse the webserver on your mac, through bluetooth

It is then possible to get the webserver to run scripts, or even applescripts which you could control apps, also for example server side pushes could update the pages served, with eg iTunes current track info. If you dont want to set up the scripts, programs are already out there to control itunes and all sorts of other things through a web based interface.

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Remote Mac conrol with an SE P800 phone via Bluetooth
Authored by: utti on Sep 13, '03 01:34:45PM

For a HTML remote control try this download link:

Greetings Ralf!

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