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How to install Mac OS X Server 10.2.0 on a G4 FW800 OS X Server
Because of a incomptability between the boot ROM on the shipping OS X Server 10.2.0, and the latest G4 FW800, I was facing serious problems trying to install or even boot from the install CD. The following information is a combination of two Apple KBase articles: 107496 and 107124.

First install an OS X Client (minimum version 10.2.3). Be careful to choose a login name no longer than eight characters, because that is the maximum OS X Server allows. Then follow these steps to enable an install of an older OS X Server over a newer OS X Client. Start up normally from the target computer's Mac OS X startup disk, and log in as an Admin user. Then open Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities/) and type:
 % sudo mkdir /Library/Receipts/Previous_Receipts
 % sudo mv /Library/Receipts/French.pkg \
 % sudo mv /Library/Receipts/German.pkg  \
 % sudo mv /Library/Receipts/Japanese.pkg \
 % sudo mv /Library/Receipts/BSD.pkg \
When you're done, quit the Terminal. Now install the Server without booting from the Install CD by opening "MacOSXServerInstall.mpkg" inside the "MacOSXServerInstall" directory. There you go!

PS: When trying to update your new system, you have to run at least a Mac OS X Server 10.2.3 Combo Update!
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How to install Mac OS X Server 10.2.0 on a G4 FW800 | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Alternate method
Authored by: phillymjs on Jul 14, '03 03:58:11PM

I ran into trouble with spurious kernel panics while installing OS X Server 10.2.x while booted from the CD.

I got around it by connecting the server to my iBook in target disk mode, booting my iBook from the Server CD, and installing to the Server's drive. It worked flawlessly.

Ohhh, WHY did I register with Insta-Trace???

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How to install Mac OS X Server 10.2.0 on a G4 FW800
Authored by: ComputerX on Jul 14, '03 08:34:48PM

I did an install to a mirrored drive door (I think, it was a while ago) by moving the drive to the other IDE bus.

After reading the KB articles I guessed that the problem was with the ATA/100 bus.

The install ran fine on the ATA/66 bus. Once I was patched up to where it would support ATA/100 I swapped the drive back. The server has been in production since then without a problem.



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I tried exaclty the same
Authored by: Alexander Lohse on Jul 15, '03 04:00:19AM


I had a really hard time to get this running. I tried many different ways:
- Installing on a second drive on the ATA/66
- Installing the drive in a different machine
- Installing on an external FireWire drive
- Installing via an external machine in HD-Mode

None worked.
The drives would boot fine when installed or attached to a QuickSilver, but not with the FW800. Either ATA100, ATA66 or external FW.

I called Apple and was told that the new FW800 machines need at least a Boot-ROM shipped with 10.2.3.
I would need an 10.2.3 Server Install CD or follow exactly these steps. Which did work.



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