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Use AIM to clean up your iChat buddylist Apps
Often I would have the problem that if I tried to add someone to my iChat buddy list, they wouldn't get added, or they would show up as offline, even when they were online. I would see them in a chat room, but not in my buddy list, and I knew they weren't blocking me.

It turns out that iChat doesn't deal with the AIM server's buddy lists so well. I have buddy groups, and whenever I do any buddy list editing in iChat, whoever I added or edited gets duplicated in all my groups. This doesn't show up in iChat. Everything looks fine, but if you open AIM and look at your buddy list, you'll see the same people repeated over, and over again. This happens if I add someone new, or if I add a buddy icon to someone already on my list, or do any changes at all, really. Since I have well over 100 buddies, and 6 groups, having several of them duplicated causes me to hit some sort of buddy limit. I think it's somewhere between 150 and 200.

So, every now and again I use AIM to delete all the duplicate entries in my buddy list, and everything seems to work fine.

The easy way to spot the dups is to start with a clean list (no dups) and use AIM to sort them. Then, the next time you go in to clean up the list, all the duplicate entries appear at the bottom of each group. In the group where the buddy belongs, the buddy is in the right place in the sort. So you can just delete all the ones, in each group, that come after the last correctly sorted alphabetical entry.
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Use AIM to combine Buddy Lists, too!
Authored by: russh on Jul 14, '03 11:31:38AM

I signed up my daughter for a dotmac address the very first morning they were available. As a result, she got a somewhat rare "" address. She loves it.

I noticed the other day that she was using a different name for her iChat login. I asked why and she told me that she had created all her buddy lists prior to the existence of iChat, and that it was too much trouble to re-enter all her buddies in the dotmac screename account.

AIM to the rescue: unlike iChat, AIM has an "export" feature for buddy lists. We exported the list from her old AIM screen name, logged into AIM with her dotmac screename, and imported the buddy list.

Now, when she signs into iChat under the dotmac account, all her old buddies are there.


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Use AIM to clean up your iChat buddylist
Authored by: shark on Jul 15, '03 09:00:03AM

Thanks SOOOO much for this hint.. My last count i must have had OVER 200+ in my buddy list. And the same thing was happening to me. I would add a name and they would not apper.. EVER. Buddies would message me.. but i could not message them back once the window would get closed. (they would always be unavailable)
Great hint.. i hope apple fixes this BAD problem SOON!


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