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I found a program that analyzes the game log files from many popular first-person shooters - aestats. It produces HTML with charts, tables, and detailed frag information -- it appears the author got a job at Epic games coding the stats HTML export for Unreal Tournament 2003!. The author created OS X binaries, but the documentation is PC and Linux-centric, with no real help for the common Mac OS X user.

Here is a how to install aestats on Mac OS X. Prerequisites: Web Sharing (Apache) On, some basic terminal knowledge.
  1. Download the latest version of aestats from -- I believe version 5.32 is the latest version that has working OS X binaries.

  2. Place the unzipped aestats folder in your Sites folder. You may want to rename it "aestats" for simplicity. The point is that ~/Sites/aestats/stats is web viewable; it is possible to place the folder elsewhere and have the HTML published to a web viewable location. View the aestats documentation for more info.

  3. Pop open the Terminal and copy the OS X binaries from the osX-Bin folder to /usr -> local -> bin:
    cp ~/Sites/aestats/osX-Bin/preAEs /usr/local/bin/
    cp ~/Sites/aestats/osX-Bin/AEstats /usr/local/bin/
  4. Copy your game log file from your game folder (In Quake 3 it is called "games.log" and in your baseq3 folder) to your logs folder in aestats. Paths may differ depending on game/mod, etc.
    cp ~/Library/Application Support/Quake3/baseq3/games.log 
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    1 aestats first analyzes the log file and converts it to a meta-log format. It then uses the meta-log to create the HTML report.

  5. In the Terminal, cd to the aestats folder by typing cd ~/Sites/aestats/. You must be in the aestats folder when you perform the next two commands since the binaries rely on the relative location of the stats folder.

  6. Convert the game log file to a meta-log file. To run the binaries, you must use the full path (unless you alias them):
    /usr/local/bin/preAEs -q3 logs/games.log
  7. Run AEstats on the meta-log file to produce HTML that shows game statistics. The HTML is produced in the stats folder.
    /usr/local/bin/AEstats logs/games.mlg
  8. Pull up your web page and view your stats!


    Refer to the aestats documentation for more detailed instructions on personalizing the HTML and program settings.
There are other more advanced things you can do from here, such as create a ".command" sh file to automate this process, or set up a cron if you have a dedicated game server. I used a freeware app called Platypus to make an app that automates the process.
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