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User picture enhancements in iChat AV Apps
There is a new feature in Apple's beta of iChat AV that allows you to change your photo quickly. By clicking on your picture in the buddy list, you can quickly select a new image. By clicking the Edit Picture button, you can even use a digital camera to take a new Photo. Images are added by simply dragging your image file onto the screen. The bounding box can be set to the area of the photo you wish to use as well as the box can be graded to select a specific area. When moving the scaling slider, depending on the size of the image either the bounding box or the scale of the image will adjust.

[robg adds: And if you haven't tried this yet, the nicest touch is that you now get a 16 picture "history," allowing you to quickly and easily change your image as your moods swing!]
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What's the point?
Authored by: GORDYmac on Jul 09, '03 11:47:34AM

None of my friends on AOL can see this picture. I can see their custom icons well enough. Are they doing something wrong?

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What's the point?
Authored by: 5chm31din6 on Jul 09, '03 12:09:15PM

Yes, they are using AOL.

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What's the point?
Authored by: Stanbey on Jul 27, '03 05:11:54PM

I've been having the same problem: my wife and I are both using the new iChatAV beta; I have set my picture and it looks fine from my end, but to her I still appear as that blue globe icon.

Is there somthing we haven't done, or should I report this as a bug?


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User picture enhancements in iChat AV
Authored by: notmatt on Jul 09, '03 01:03:54PM

In case anyone wants to export one of these photos, say to mirror it so you can read text in it, or use it as a login, vcard, or GPG key image, they're stored in ~/Library/Images/iChat Recent Pictures (you'll need to restart iChat before it notices any changes to the pictures).

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User picture enhancements in iChat AV
Authored by: boboxox on Jul 09, '03 04:26:41PM

Does anyone know how to set a picture and maintain its alpha channels? I've been looking inside iChat contents (in the library and app) and found that the .Mac and AIM general icons are TIFFs with alpha/transparency. However if you import an identical file into the custom icons, it doesn't apply the trasnparency. Anyone know how to work around this?

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User picture enhancements in iChat AV
Authored by: Werd on Jul 09, '03 08:05:48PM
Interestingly, the old version of iChat did support transparency perfectly. Since I started using iChat A/V, it acts weird. I assume it's a bug... My buddies' pictures all still have transparency, but my own shows up on a white background. Strangely, when I mouse-over my picture above my buddy list, the white vanishes and the brushed metal shows through as it should. I don't get it. As soon as I take my mouse away, it's back to white. And of course, I'm still on a white block in my actual chats. Maybe most people don't care, but since I use a background texture, it's obvious.

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User picture enhancements in iChat AV
Authored by: aranor on Jul 09, '03 05:24:35PM

Re: AOL users
AOL users are second class citizens in the AIM world. It's always been the case, and it most likely always will. They have to get an AIM client to use everything.

Re: Transparency
I believe iChat caches all the images using jpegs, which don't support transparency. It's annoying, but hey, nothing you can do about it now. Go submit feedback about this with the feedback link in the application menu.

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