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Have AIM page you when a buddy signs on Internet
I'm not always within earshot of the audible Buddy Alerts that AIM produces, but I always have my pager on my belt, so I wrote a few scripts to email a quick notice to my pager when a buddy signs on. Although I much prefer Fire as my chat client, it does not yet allow a buddy alert to call an AppleScript, so you'll have to use AOL's AIM client to achieve this. This method uses the UNIX mail command to send a message via sendmail (which must already be configured properly). Also, you must be using a Dynamic DNS service.

  1. Execute the hostname command to ensure that your machine's hostname can be resolved by reverse-DNS lookup. Some mail servers will reject the mail if they cannot do a reverse lookup. If necessary, modify /etc/hostconfig as follows:
  2. Create a text file that contains the message that you wish to email to your pager. Use your favorite text editor (ie pico message.txt).

  3. Create a shell script that contains the following, including the full path to the message.txt file:
    mail < /Users/username/Documents/message.txt
    Where is the email address of your digital pager. Save the script with the .sh extension; for example, save as Make the script executable by typing sudo chmod a+x

  4. Open Script Editor and create an AppleScript with the following, including the quotes:
    tell application "Terminal"
      do shell script "/bin/sh   /Users/username/Documents/"
    end tell
    Save the AppleScript as an application and check the box "Never Show Startup Screen."

  5. In AIM, edit the Buddy Alerts for your buddy to call the AppleScript that you created.
Now when this buddy signs on, you will get a text page on your digital pager.
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Have AIM page you when a buddy signs on
Authored by: merlyn on Jul 08, '03 11:34:38AM

With the new SMS support announced a few days ago, you can have iChat send directly to your phone as well. No sendmail needed. Just send an instant message to +18005551212 (replacing that with your actual phone number, +1 first), and it'll show up on your phone. You can even reply, although I'm not sure how the AppleScript might be able to process that. I'll be experimenting when I get a few more Tuits.

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Have AIM page you when a buddy signs on
Authored by: lipids on Jul 08, '03 12:45:47PM

What is a "Tuit"?

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RE: What is a "Tuit"?
Authored by: glowurm on Jul 08, '03 01:11:30PM

I'll tell you when I get "a round tuit." Then you'll know.

Gosh that actually made me laugh out loud; you asking I mean. I would have said the same thing, and did, when I was a wee lad. No way I would have known if my dad wasn't a cheesy old chap.

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RE: What is a "Tuit"?
Authored by: lipids on Jul 08, '03 02:42:47PM

Aha. I just never heard that one before. :)

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Have Proteus organize your sock drawer.
Authored by: glowurm on Jul 08, '03 01:29:09PM
Well most of the pholks coming to have a gander at the comments are probably going to have the same sort of interest that I do, in sending data on to a mobile device, and I noticed that this (the hint and the parent comment) is another take on what you can do to keep your mobile device up-to-date with your personal computer.

Those interested in this sort of notification or synchronization should really check out Proteus as it has the ability to run shell scripts based on buddy actions, and not just for AIM but for 7(?) different networks total. In combination with the SMS capabilities of ICQ and AIM, it allows for selective IM forwarding: you pick who you want to be able to forward messages from, and when you're away the messages from them pop on over to your SMS-capable device.

The number of capabilities in this program are amazing - I am surprised The MotherShip hasn't acquired it for an earlier version of iChat. Now that iChatAV is on the horizon (beta-testing) it may be a bit more work to co-opt (spelling? "Assimilate" would be better if it were Microsoft) it; still worthwhile for Apple in my opinion.

I may have written about this in another hint - I hope it's not redundant but I really want Justin (the developer of Proteus) to keep working on Proteus (even if Apple co-opts it) and spreading the word helps...

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Have AIM page you when a buddy signs on
Authored by: pauljlucas on Jul 08, '03 11:40:28PM
There's no reason you need to use a dynamic DNS service. Many ISPs have DHCP-leased addresses in DNS that are reversable, e.g., SBC/PacBell. Alternatively, you can have a static IP address and your own domain name.

Hence, you only need to ensure that your IP address is in reverse-DNS. How that's achieved is irrelevant.

- Paul

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Have AIM page you when a buddy signs on
Authored by: mindviz on Sep 30, '03 08:35:24AM
The best solution to this is to use a service called, which will not only forward your instant messages to your mobile phone or device but will also allow you to get check your buddy list from your phone as well as send instant messages from your phone as well.

Another neat feature is you can stay online 24/7 because it is a hosted service which is ideal for using your AIM account with your phone, finally I can turn my computer off and still instant message :)

check it out,

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