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Prevent P800 and iSync 1.1 Corruptions Apps
I spent a lot of time trying to get my P800 to work with iSync properly. After sorting the firewall issue (see other Apple discussion forums for more info - you have to open ports 3000-3004 in your firewall, you can only sync one bluetooth device at a time if you are using the D-Link USB adapter, make sure you back up three ways and to CD-R, etc.), I even upgraded the handset BIOS and completely reset (a.k.a. erased) the thing. However, I still routinely experienced data corruption after syncing:
  • Some contacts without company names ended up with other records data in their empty fields.
  • Some contacts without address data ended up with duplicate e-mail addresses
  • Some contacts had their street fields abbreviated and the following fields (city, country, etc.) erased.
Even worse, iSync would attempt to overwrite my Address book with these corruptions on the second sync. At least it warned me in time so that I could stop things from getting any worse. So I gave up for a few weeks. Today I took another look at things and realized that the problem was only experienced on those fields which contained a Carriage Return in them. Once I removed them, things worked beautifully (for contacts at least).

Furthermore, these CRs were only in there because I had exported my data from Outlook to Entourage to Address Book using some AppleScripts availble on VersionTracker. I suspect I would never have typed CRs when entering these records.

NOTE: If you are planning to remove CRs in your records, first, make a backup and secondly, use the forward delete (function + delete) when removing the CRs from your fields. Using just the delete key seems to trigger a bug in Address Book.

This very conveniently explains why some people had a perfect experience with P800/iSync and others had a terrible one. If you had only entered contacts on your P800 and/or had not used Carriage Returns, and had no firewall turned on, it would have worked first time. If my theory is correct, it would explain why less-techie users had no problems, while more technical users had a much harder time. Doesn't explain how this got past the testing though....

Hope this is of help to any long-suffering P800 users out there still trying to get this to work.
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Prevent P800 and iSync 1.1 Corruptions
Authored by: deleted_user18 on Jul 03, '03 02:55:05PM

Syncing with the Nokia 3650 is a mess, too :-(

Speed dials and voice dial assigned to 2-9 often get lost.

I often ended up with mobile numbers I could see on my mobile but not on the .mac web interface, when I add them to the web interface again I have the numbers twice in my phone, ...

This is a beta but not productive software :-(((

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At last! Thanks!
Authored by: Arrakis on Jul 04, '03 05:39:14AM

Now even iCal synch is working fine :-)
I'm a happy man.

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Prevent P800 and iSync 1.1 Corruptions
Authored by: JoseyWales on Jul 04, '03 06:37:23AM

Good hint, and it's all very well - but what if you need the CRs in your addresses?

For instance, I have many addresses that have two or more lines before you get to the City - I don't really want to stick all these on the same line, separated by commas...

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Prevent P800 and iSync 1.1 Corruptions
Authored by: laxx on Jul 28, '03 11:49:43PM

a question here, which vcard does the P800 support and do i need to specify it in the iSynch menu ? (Does it even matter ?). I for one keep losing contacts, ie. the numbers are lost but the name remains. My problem I suspect has to be the vcards that others sms/ir to me.

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