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Camino nightly builds include fast text find feature Web Browsers
The most recent nightly builds for Camino include a very convenient text search feature: after your page loads, just begin typing your search string and Camino highlights the first occurrence of the string on the webpage. You can subsequently press Cmd-G to search for further occurrences of the string. This feature saves a trip to the Find dialog box.

[robg adds: I generally stay away from hints on "unreleased" software, such as the nightly builds from Mozilla or Camino. However, this hint has been submitted at least five times in the last couple of weeks, so I'm going to run it. You can download the nightly builds via the above link. You should be aware, though, that the nightly builds may occasionally be less stable than the officially released version.]
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Authored by: Jacques on Jun 12, '03 11:36:02AM

If you are just starting with Camino builds, be sure to download CaminoKnight - a great freeware script that does ALL of the work for you.

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Authored by: digitol on Jun 13, '03 04:04:59AM

OMG! I FREAKIN LOVE CAMINO!! I WOULD DIE WITHOUT IT. I SPEND WAAAY TOO MUCH TIME ONLINE, not to have it!! Anyhoo The new build is sick sick SICK!!! Take a look at the customize toolbar too! WOW...not sure if all that was there before! The auto text search feature is ##$*(& AWESOME, also to clear out of that mode simply hit the escape key. I love Mac I love I love Camino, God Bless!!!!

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Camino nightly builds include fast text find feature
Authored by: notmatt on Jun 12, '03 12:36:18PM
From what I recall, Camino's been migrating to the more current Mozilla trunk, so this is most likely the Find as You Type feature (previously "Type-ahead find") that's been with Mozilla for quite a while. I haven't tried it with Camino yet, but the link provides some further functionality - finding only links, and so on.

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Omniweb 4.5 Beta Has This Also.
Authored by: prk on Jun 12, '03 02:48:27PM

The new Omniweb 4.5 has this feature also. And Omniweb is a much better browser. I highly recommend it.

By the way, Omniweb 4.5 has image blocking using REGEXP....No more stupid banner ads!

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Correction: Omniweb 4.5 Beta Has This Also.
Authored by: prk on Jun 12, '03 02:51:11PM

Correction, OW will find the links, not just text.

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Camino nightly builds include fast text find feature
Authored by: TheRoss on Jun 12, '03 03:46:08PM

Oh, so THATS what Camino was doing.... it freaked me out on a few occasions.

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Camino nightly builds include many things
Authored by: percy on Jun 12, '03 04:13:51PM

Especially, you might find that a nightly build silently deletes all your bookmarks. Watch out.

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Yay for the nightlys
Authored by: phlavor on Jun 12, '03 08:38:48PM

I've never encountered this. In fact I have had Camino Knight automagicly installing the nightlys for well over three month with zero issues. Kudos to the Camino team for continuing to develop what is in my opinion the best browser on the Mac platform when there is so much (welcomed) competition right now.

You should certainly be backing up your bookmarks at least weekly though as it generally sucks to loose them.

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Camino Knight damage?
Authored by: Jacques on Jun 13, '03 10:51:21AM

I can second the last reply, Camino Knight has never damaged any of my intall or data.

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Can you turn it off?
Authored by: Darukaru on Jun 12, '03 10:05:53PM

Or, rather, is there at least a way to have all new windows (not tabs, I don't like or use tabs) have text focus in the location bar?

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Camino nightly builds include fast text find feature
Authored by: monickels on Jun 17, '03 11:44:11AM

Unfortunately, they changed it so that when you do a find on one page using the Find dialog, the text is not persistent. So if you have multiple tabs open and you're searching for the same string on all pages, you have to hit command-f and then re-type the search string for every tab, whereas before, you could just hit command-g on every new page and it would use the same string you searched for on the previous tab. Very irritating.

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