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Apologies for downtime and low hint count today... Site News
We had some downtime this morning (Apache quit and didn't want to restart; we seem to have fixed the problem now). But as a result, I only had time to get through a few hints. I'll run through the remainder of the current queue this weekend, so look for a few new hints over the next couple days.

Have a great weekend!

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Apologies for downtime and low hint count today...
Authored by: displaced on Jun 06, '03 07:28:37PM

Was just about to ask: "So, where's the 'What to do when Apache quits and doesn't want to restart' hint"

... but NetCraft tells me you're using Red Hat Linux ;o)

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Authored by: Kristo on Jun 07, '03 05:19:12PM

So this is THE macosxhint web page, and it doesn't even run on a osx server?

I'm not surprized. No one seems to take the Xserves or osx server seriously. Read that the Music Store runs on them, so that would mean that they're quite good. Does anyone here have any experience/problems with Xserves or/and osx server?

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Authored by: saint.duo on Jun 07, '03 05:31:47PM

We use an Xserve running X Server 10.2.6 for email, web, filemaker, service backups, DNS, dhcp, netinstall, and a lot more, with absolutely no problems. Only time we had an issue was when someone moved it while it was running and unmounted a few drives (don't ask, I wasn't here).


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Authored by: robg on Jun 08, '03 12:52:14AM

I take them both quite seriously. I just wish someone would offer a dedicated XServe server (like we have with this Linux box) with high bandwidth (minimum 250gb per month, current server provides 1,000gb per month) for a rate that I could afford -- I'd probably switch in a heartbeat just to be able to say "Hosted on an XServe, powered by OS X Server."

Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything like that as of yet. Eventually, perhaps, but the problem is that the $3,500 XServe is competing against probably a $1,500 (max) Linux box. Makes the economics of dedicated hosting much tougher.

There are shared solutions, but none offer enough bandwidth, and I'm concerned about server responsiveness, given the load we place on the current box.

If I'm wrong, someone please point me to the solution ... but for now, barring a major change in the economics of the server market (or the revenue model on this end), we'll continue to be hosted where we are -- we have plenty of bandwidth, a (now) very stable server, and it's completely our machine -- all for a price I can afford to pay each month.


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