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Restore iDVD and other default software from Restore DVD Install
I was wondering today how I would restore just iDVD if I were to delete it. Looking at the PowerMac G4 restore DVD that I got with my PowerMac, I couldn't find just the iDVD installer, and Apple's restore guide doesn't give a clear indication to if it would be installed if I ran the AdditionalApplications.pkg installer. It looks like that reinstalls iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, and Acrobat Reader. I only want to reinstall iDVD.

Taking a look through the Restore DVD, I found a folder in the root called .images (/Volumes -> PowerMac G4 Software -> .images to be more exact). In there was a disk image called iDVD1.dmg. Mouting that disk image reveals two folders - Applications and Library. To restore, you'll need to install the contents of each folder to their respective folders on the root of the boot drive; put Applications -> iDVD 3 in /Applications, and put Library -> Receipts -> iDVD.pkg in /Library -> Receipts. It might be a good idea to repair permissions after doing this, just to make sure your restored iDVD will work properly.

[robg adds: The other option here is to use something like Pacifist, a package extractor.]
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Restore iDVD and other default software from Restore DVD
Authored by: BMarsh on May 28, '03 12:15:22PM

Someone will have to help me with part of this comment...

I know I've done his before, after running the restore from the CD/DVD it installs a program into /Applications/Utilities/
I believe it's called simply "Software Restore"
if you quit the restore program from the CD/DVD then run this one in the utilities folder you get the option to do a full restore or a partial

unfortunately I just don't have time today to test this out, but I know I've done it before when someone had iDVD freak out, I was able to restore the one specific program without having to use 3rd party apps to reinstall it

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Restore iDVD and other default software from Restore DVD
Authored by: japetto on May 29, '03 11:10:25PM

This "trick" also works with other software restore disks such as the set that comes with the iBook. Just be careful when mounting the images to place the folders in the proper directories. And of course since the ".images" is a hidden file this is best done through the terminal (or equivelant).

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Restore iDVD and other default software from Restore DVD (cds)
Authored by: Itoad on Jun 16, '03 09:30:42AM

Having an older iBook i was at a loss to recover 1 software package off the 4 cds. While the DVD trick does not work the following does.

Copy off iBook HD Disc 1.dmg, iBook HD Disc 2.dmgpart, iBook HD Disc 3.dmgpart, iBook HD Disc 4.dmgpart off of each corresponding CD (in the Configurations folder) to one directory on your hard drive.

Double clicking on "iBook HD Disc 1.dmg" will check for the other three images, and then disk check and mount a "Macintosh HD". I'd probably skip the disk check...unless you have lots of free time 8).

Just copy off what you need to your hard drive.

Remember you are unique, just like everyone else.

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