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Remove cover art from iTunes4 to save disk space Apps
Users of small iPods, or those running feverishly low on disk space on their iPods may be disappointed to find that once they've used Clutter to add album covers to their collection, they no longer have room to synchronize their music. This is because the Album art is contained within the ID3 tags in the MP3 files.

Fortunately, there's a quick and easy fix to remove any and all Album artwork from your MP3s, without destroying your songs. In iTunes4, under the Advanced menu, is an option called "Convert ID3 Tags." Simply select the song(s) you want, and click on Advanced -> Convert ID3 Tags. This will pop up a new window allowing you to reformat the ID3 information within the MP3s. This does not affect the song.

I selected ID3 Version 1.0, which kept all of the relevant song metadata, and subsequently removed any and all artwork from the song, allowing me to reclaim back my disk space. This worked because ID3 V. 1.0 doesn't support embedded images. Running this on a bunch of songs I have did not seem to destroy other iTunes metadata such as Last Played, Play Count, and Ratings.

[robg adds: This is an alternative method to the previous hint Export album artwork from iTunes. Personally, this is also why I like Clutter -- I don't use it to import the artwork to iTunes, I just let Clutter download and display the album covers itself. I believe Synergy will do this as well...]
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ID3 v1 and field length restriction
Authored by: triplef on May 28, '03 12:34:12PM

Please note that ID3 tags in version 1.x do not support fields longer than 30 characters. So if you have a song with a long name, say "Nothing is good enough (Instrumental)" by Aimee Man, it will be cut to "Nothing is good enough (Instru".

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ID3 v1 and field length restriction
Authored by: xSmurf on May 24, '07 09:15:52AM

Magnolia FTW!

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Remove cover art from iTunes4 to save disk space
Authored by: algernon on May 28, '03 01:22:09PM

An even easier, and probably better solution is to select multiple tracks, get info on them, check the artwork button to change that and only that and click okay. It will ask you if you want to change the artwork for multipe items - tell it yes and it's gone. It has reduced the size of the files as well, I went from 13.80GB to 13.79 GB - Not a lot of space, but since I use my iPod to listen to music and not iTunes there was no point in having all that artwork.

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Remove cover art from iTunes4 to save disk space
Authored by: figz on May 28, '03 01:57:58PM

I hope Apple adds an option in future versions of iTunes to "Update songs on iPod without Album Covers." I'm sure most people would want this set by default. Even better would be if Apple could store the album cover art somewhere other than the mp3 file itself.

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Remove cover art from iTunes4 to save disk space
Authored by: panicX on May 28, '03 05:36:50PM

the above hints sounds like it suggests Clutter is at fault here
but its not Clutter but iTunes ITSELF that stores the album art
inside a music file (It may seem that Clutter does this when
you use the 'import art to itunes option'... but its actually
iTunes that stores it inside)

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Remove cover art from iTunes4 to save disk space
Authored by: DougAdams on May 28, '03 08:35:29PM
Just posted Remove Artwork, which batch deletes artwork from selected tracks. Check out these other artwork-related AppleScripts: Show Artwork in Preview, Artwork Scripts, Selected Artwork to All In Playlist, Export Artwork, and Find Album Artwork with Google.

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes


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Remove cover art from iTunes4 to save disk space
Authored by: donvy on May 29, '03 01:24:53AM

Yes, Synergy does store the cover art in its own folder, leaving the iTunes files alone. It even does a great job with storing one cover art for an entire album and not on a per-song basis, if the album art is available. I'm not affiliated, usual disclaimer, with Synergy.

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Authored by: AMacAddict on May 29, '03 08:17:11AM

The problem is Synergy is still converting and storing files as 100-500k TIFFs instead of JPGs. I have put artwork in all my music files - I edited every image to have a file size of 8-14k, a negligible file-size increase. Hard drive space is reasonably priced that it wouldn't honestly matter, and what, I'll get one less song on my iPod? The savings in converting my MP3 to AAC has recovered so much space that worrying about adding 10-20k on songs that shed a meg or more each is not worth it. Synergy dupes the art embedded in my AACs, bloats them to TIFFs. Hope that's fixed soon.

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