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Don't quit Carbon apps to update Script menu entries System
I was reading the Start Clutter from iTunes hint today, and noticed that there is a common misconception I've seen in iTunes and AppleScript hints on the web: The suggestion is that you should quit iTunes. Well, in fact, as with most (all?) Carbon applications that have a script menu, the menu updates dynamically.

So if iTunes is running and you add or remove a script from its scripts folder, that will be reflected in the Scripts menu the next time you select it, without having to quit and relaunch iTunes. Give it a try and see! Very useful when you're playing around with scripts or trying to tweak one.

It's always worth doing a quick check on an application to see if it dynamically updates its script menu as this can save a lot of time. I don't know how good Cocoa applications are with this, but being less "Mac-like" I suspect maybe they don't behave quite the same way.
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Don't quit Carbon apps to update Script menu entries
Authored by: dave@mmu on May 23, '03 10:48:53AM

Then i stand corrected! Good work old chap.

Dave L

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iTunes now Cocoa?
Authored by: ngb on May 23, '03 11:33:17AM

Don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but iTunes 4 now has the recessed button brushed metal look instead of the older raised button look. This leads me to believe that it's been re-written as a Cocao app. Can anyone confirm?


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iTunes now Cocoa?
Authored by: dr_turgeon on May 23, '03 12:59:04PM

My guess is that the iTunes team has simply started using the proper system resources to achieve the 'metal' look. BTW, I think an app can use both the Carbon and Cocoa frameworks.

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iTunes now Cocoa?
Authored by: Typhoon14 on May 23, '03 06:43:55PM

iTunes is not a cocoa app, nor does it load the standard system resources for the metal look. This is best seen if you use a different theme, the iTunes widgets will not change to reflect the widgets from that theme.

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iTunes now Cocoa?
Authored by: Metal Baron on May 25, '03 11:04:28AM

If you have "Silk" (freeware Silk enables the Quartz text rendering and smoothing introduced in Mac OS X 10.1.5 in all Carbon applications - available from you can use its pane in System Preferences to check whether an application is Carbon or Cocoa (text from the Silk pane: "Drop an application in the square to the left to find out if it is a Carbon application and should be affected by Silk.")

Silk says "iTunes is a Carbon or Java application. It will be affected by Silk."

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Don't need to quit ANY apps
Authored by: Krioni on May 23, '03 01:51:16PM

Unless you're using something strange, I'm not sure what you're talking about. I just checked, and the menu refreshes automatically in Safari (Cocoa), BBEdit (Carbon), TextEdit (Cocoa), and in every other app I've ever tried.

One thing people may be remembering is that if an app had its own built-in Script menu, it sometimes required restarting the app to refresh the menu (ie. Eudora's own Script menu).

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