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Make startx work properly with Apple's X11 UNIX
If you are used to launching X11 from the terminal via startx, you may have noticed that it does not seem to start Apple's X11 very nicely. It removes all the good stuff from the menubar, and gives it a generic document icon in the Dock. At first I just used open -a X11 as a workaround, but if you do that you don't see the X11 startup information.

My solution was to alias startx to /Applications/ X will still run your .xinitrc file, and it will start up with the full Apple GUI features enabled.

If you use zsh or bash, add this line to your .zshrc or .bashrc file:

  alias startx="/Applications/"
If you use tcsh or csh, add this line to your .cshrc or .tcshrc file:
  alias startx /Applications/
If you don't have a .[your-shell-here]rc file in our home directory, just create an empty file with that name and stick that line in it.
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Make startx work properly with Apple's X11
Authored by: MasterUltan on May 20, '03 11:07:12AM
open -a X11 is equivalent to double-clicking the in the Finder; there is no difference. This holds for anything, not just X11.

The startup information I presume you're talking about gets sent to the Console. If in the (I would guess) rare event that you need it you can find it there.

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>console help
Authored by: zedwards on May 20, '03 11:53:31AM

This is a little off topic, but my .xinitrc has exec blacbox in it because I would like to use that wm when I log in via >console.

When I run startx, it take a while and make a few complaints and then doesn't run.

In contrast, if I ran startx from the terminal, it actually starts "X" and blackbox starts up. I want to be able to use the menu's in blackbox and as a backup which is why I need to log into console mode.

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>console help
Authored by: MasterUltan on May 20, '03 02:13:03PM

Apple's X Server won't run in "Full screen" mode like XDarwin. It will only run "from Aqua", or what XDarwin calls "rootless" mode.

If you've installed both server binaries you can choose to use the XDarwin version by placing "/usr/X11R6/bin/XDarwinQuartz" in a file called ".xserverrc" in your home directory. Then "startx" in console mode will work.

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Startx X11/Darwin
Authored by: suthercd on May 21, '03 02:32:18PM

After defining startx as an alias to /Applications/ as show, the Terminal window seems to hang. login messages appear in the Terminal window and, as said above, are also reflected in the Console log. I wonder what is causing the hang, or am confused abut what I expect which is an xTerm window which relfects the .xinitrc and other .x files which I have customized?

Defining an alias to open -a X11, of couse works.


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Startx X11/Darwin
Authored by: discordantus on May 21, '03 09:57:11PM

By saying it makes the terminal hang, what exactly do you mean? If you mean that you can't type any commands in the same terminal that you started X11 from, that is expected. startx normally will not return the terminal to your control. You can background startx (or any command, for that matter) by hitting control-z and typing bg.

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