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Random thoughts for a Friday... Site News
Just some random thoughts heading into the weekend ... these don't necessarily fit anywhere else, but I felt like mentioning them somewhere.
  1. If you're submitting things as "Anonymous," please include your email address somewhere in the body. I promise it won't be sold, swapped, traded, published, or otherwise revealed, but it's very useful to me! Today alone, I had three long, complex hint submissions from Anonymous, but had no way to let two of the authors know they sent in duplicates, and to ask the third a key clarifying question about their hint submission.

  2. When searching for duplicate hints prior to submitting hints, use at least three or four common words in the search phrase. For instance, before submitting a hint on command-clicking in the title bar of a Safari window, try a search on "Safari command click title" (without the quotes!). This search would find only two articles, one of which would show that your submission is a duplicate (I'm not trying to pick on anyone, but I feel really bad for you when you've typed up a hint, and I just have to delete it -- I did that six or seven times today!).

  3. Thanks for your great support of the charity book auction! The minimum bid is now at $40 per book, which means I'll be sending a check in excess of $500 to Doernbecher. The auction doesn't close until 5:59am on Monday morning, and yet I'm already humbled by your collective generosity.

  4. If you'd like to see how the book differs from the site, I noticed today that O'Reilly has put Chapter 3 - The Dock online (PDF). Having now finally seen the book for myself, I was amazed at the transformation -- I never got to see anything much more than a collection of Word documents and separate screen shots prior to receiving the book.

  5. Thank you all for the continued support of the site. Thanks to those of you who have contributed, has been online and advertising free for 2.5 years now. During that time, we've grown to in excess of 25,000 registered user accounts (that happened late last week and I meant to mention it at that time), and we're now transferring around 5gb of data (between the main sites and the forums) on a daily basis! While that may pale in comparison to some of the larger sites, it continues to amaze me.

  6. Finally, and completely off-topic, but I went with a group of five others last night to see The Matrix Reloaded. Non-spoiling very short review: The consensus of all six of us was -- if you liked The Matrix, you will more than likely be thrilled with The Matrix Reloaded. I know I was, and I'm sure I'll be going again sometime in the near future!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Random thoughts for a Friday...
Authored by: Welles Goodrich on May 16, '03 02:34:23PM
Based on the promo chapter, I'll be buying a copy. That's a fine job, well done and well worth having! It's almost time to start on the Panther version, isn't it?. :o)

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Random thoughts for a Friday...
Authored by: Russ R. on May 16, '03 10:04:10PM

Another thumb up for The Matrix Reloaded. I will also be going a second time - just to try and figure out some of the techno-babble. Geez - at least I understand most of the stuff on this site...

Wasn't that a Unix prompt where Trinity entered the commands to shut down the power grids?

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Random thoughts for a Friday...
Authored by: saint.duo on May 17, '03 11:44:27AM

Yup! %ssh root@[ididntcatchit]


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Random thoughts for a Friday...
Authored by: aranor on May 17, '03 10:18:09PM
Not only was it a unix prompt, but it was a real hacker tool, too! Nmap, that is. The sshnuke program wasn't real, but what it did was also possible, the SSHv1-CRC32 exploit was discovered, IIRC, in 2001, and patches were made available. There are 2 exploits for it out there, but neither is called sshnuke and both just dump you into the root shell rather than resetting the password, which is what the sshnuke program did (and it reset it to Z1ON0101). Of course, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I did see this article about it, and saw screenshots from the nmap website. Very cool, eh? Now I just gotta go watch that darn movie!

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Matrix hacking...
Authored by: cruppel on May 19, '03 09:28:02AM
It was a UNIX prompt. It was actually a very realistic hack she used. Read this slashdot article about it or go to Nmap's home page

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Authored by: deleted_user18 on May 17, '03 06:47:32AM

The people at O'Reilly are using MS Word???

I thought you have to at least send in your text as LaTeX or even better TeX to be published :-)

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Pogue Press...
Authored by: robg on May 17, '03 07:53:40AM

This book is published by Pogue Press / O'Reilly, and David Pogue uses a well-developed Word template system that makes it very easy for his page layout wizard to finalize the look of the book.


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Random thoughts for a Friday...
Authored by: matsur on May 19, '03 03:37:16PM
Very nice job on the book!

Not trying to nitpick, but on page 76, this command appears:
cd /system/Library/CoreServices/
Luckily Darwin is capitalization agnostic, but there are a few other niggling typos I noticed.

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Random thoughts for a Friday...
Authored by: DanFrakes on May 27, '03 09:12:55PM

As someone who also just finished a book (Rob and I were writing on very similar schedules), I can tell you that there are going to be "nigling typos" no matter how much time you spend trying to eliminate them -- sometimes you even submit edits but for some reason or another the edits don't make it into the final version. Don't hold it against Rob :)

Mac OS X Power Tools:

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