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Download large files directly to CD-R volumes Web Browsers
I don't know about you, but I hate downloading Developer Tools to my hard drive, and THEN copying the humongous image file to the mounted cdrom in the Finder. So here's what I do. First I go into Safari's Preferences under the General icon. In the "Save downloaded files to:" pull down menu, I select "Other" and select the CD-ROM mounted volume in the box. Then I do the download. Safari downloads directly to the CD-ROM mounted volume in one shot.

Only thing you have to remember afterwards is to reset the preference back to the Desktop.

[robg adds: I assume the author has a CD-R mounted, not a CD-ROM, as that wouldn't make any sense. However, I didn't want to change the context of the hint without knowing for sure, so I left it as is -- but I think the essence of the hint is that you can download a file directly to a CD-R then burn it, saving one huge copy step. I don't have a spare CD-R to test this with right now, so if someone tries it, please let us know if it worked.]
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Burn developer CD from download with Disk Copy
Authored by: mclbruce on May 13, '03 11:07:21AM

I downloaded the Developer Tools last night, to my desktop. I didn't copy the Dec2002DevToolsCD.dmg directly to CD. Instead I opened Disk Copy and used the "Burn Image..." command in the file menu. The resulting CD is ready to use as opposed to containing one large .dmg file that needs to be opened.

It's true that downloading to an unburned CD-ROM would save a step from copying an image file to an unburned CD-ROM. But having a CD that's ready to be used saves time as well.

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Burn developer CD from download with Disk Copy
Authored by: cedmond on May 13, '03 11:56:19AM

I think this is a great idea. Just using the built in "Burn image to disk" command in Disk Copy is very efficient and something I had never thought of before.

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Download large files directly to CD-R volumes
Authored by: Reddog on May 13, '03 03:07:12PM

Unspoken is the fact that you're sure not going to burn directly to a cd on a dial-up connection!


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Download large files directly to CD-R volumes
Authored by: Spartacus on May 13, '03 05:05:07PM

It will work regardless of the download speed, since a 'mounted CD-R' is really just a temporary disk image of the correct size, ready to be burned on the CD-R in the drive. The files download ti the image, the actual burning only takes place when you click the Burn button.

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Download large files directly to CD-R volumes
Authored by: macubergeek on May 13, '03 04:20:54PM

yeh I did mean cdrw....;-)
thanks for the clarification

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Download large files directly to CD-R volumes
Authored by: stottm on May 13, '03 05:04:30PM

Let's get a few things straight.

  1. You are not downloading straight to the CD.
  2. You are downloading to a folder listed under /Volumes 'Untitled CD' until you rename the volume label.
  3. A blank CD-R/RW disc is not really mounted because there is no disc volume to mount. It will appear mounted but it's not really mounted.
  4. When you tell it to burn the disc, the files are copied to the CD-R/RW disc. The temporary folder is removed once the write is fully verified.
  5. The disc is then mounted. This time it's truly mounted under /Volumes.

Sure, it's confusing but I have to give Apple credit for having thought this whole process through and to make it very simple and easy. Linux is nowhere near easy when working with CD-R/RW using cdrecord, etc. WinXP added this sort of functionality and obviously copied Apple's way of doing it. However, WinXP won't tell you when you have exceeded the size of the CD capacity. It will tell you only once it's started burning already. Not sure about OS X, but I am not willing to test it out just yet.

My only gripe is they don't support multi-session recording on a CD-RW. I have to copy the CD-RW files to the hard disk, erase the CD-RW, and then re-burn it from scratch. Sure you can do a multi-session but you end up with each session getting it's own mount point which is weird.

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Finder burning process not very smart
Authored by: karnat10 on May 13, '03 05:57:13PM

Because you need twice the space on your drive. OK, for those of you with large drives that's not a problem, but it is also a lot slower than just burning files directly using specialized software like Toast.

I think it would have been much more intuitive if you could burn folders using the context menu. And then you should be able to burn ISO CDs.

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Download large files directly to CD-R volumes
Authored by: petekjohnson on May 13, '03 05:48:01PM

It should be noted that Developer Tools are downloaded in the form of a disk image. It takes no more time to download the disk image like any other file, then use Disk Copy to burn it, as does this hint.

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