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Temporarily override Safari's 'Block Pop-Up Windows' setting Web Browsers
In Safari, the pop-up window blocking is not designed very well, as it does not take into account if the user clicked on a link and so on.

I sometimes use web sites that need pop-ups, and under Mozilla it is OK because it will notice if you click on a link, and load any pop-ups related to that mouse click. However, Safari will not do this. I used to just turn pop-up blocking on and off as I needed it (by hitting Command-K), but found the other day that if you hold down the Command key and click the link, it will force the pop-up to open.

I have tabbed browsing enabled, but I'm not sure if this matters.
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Temporarily override Safari's 'Block Pop-Up Windows' setting
Authored by: stevec on May 06, '03 11:14:06AM

Just to stir the fire a little...

I DON'T have tabs on and I DO have pop up's blocked and links that open a new window work just fine for me.

Perhaps you have discovered a bug. Try turning off tabs and see if that changes the behavior.

If so I would tell Apple


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Temporarily override Safari's 'Block Pop-Up Windows' setting
Authored by: Casemon on Apr 12, '08 06:51:14AM

Thanks for this hint, CMD-click works great!

Recently however, I've noticed that Safari blocks popups no matter if the popup blocker is enabled or not.

Has anyone seen this? Better, is there a fix for it?

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What are you talking about?
Authored by: Cormacolinde on May 06, '03 11:14:24AM

I don't know what web sites you navigate, but in the ones I use
(including Apple's GSX Service web site), pop-ups which I
trigger by clicking on them open correctly, with no problems.
The same with all other web sites.

Holding the CMD key down when you have tabbed browsing
enabled doesn't bypass pop-up blocking at all, it simply tells
Safari to open the link in a new tab, which by default is in the
background, or foreground if your tab browsing preferences are
set that way.

All in all, this hint makes no sense and gives incorrect
information. It's possible certain web sites are incorrectly
programmed and Safari doesn't recognize that as a correct user-
triggered pop-up, but this works fine in Safari as well as in
Mozilla as in Opera 7...

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Temporarily override Safari's 'Block Pop-Up Windows' setting
Authored by: the_webmaestro on May 06, '03 11:16:46AM
I wondered about this myself. Especially considering I've got a few of those links on our company's web site. I have "Block Popup Windows" enabled, and clicking a link which popups up a window works as advertised without turning off links. For example, this link from my company's web page has windows whose target="_blank" and they work fine (bonus: this link has target="_blank" too!):
Medata Fee Schedules page
Fine (you may say?), but those aren't "javascript popups"... Well, both of the images on the left are clickable javascript links... They work fine too.
Are we talking about the same thing?
(on a side note, ever wondered what would happen if you opened a target="_blank" link from a window which itself was opened with target ="_blank"? Now's your chance!;-p)

Father of Jeremy Logan Leeds

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Temporarily override Safari's 'Block Pop-Up Windows' setting
Authored by: BMarsh on May 06, '03 12:29:28PM

Safari will bring up new windows when I click on links, even with
pop-up blocking turned on.

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Temporarily override Safari's 'Block Pop-Up Windows' setting
Authored by: lee1 on May 06, '03 01:08:08PM
You're confused between two entirely different beasts:
(1) Javascript on a page that pops up a new window;
(2) Links that specify a target, which open in a new window when clicked upon.
Safari's "Block Pop-Up Windows" is a javascript filter. Holding the Command key is a shortcut that opens a link in a new window (and with Shift, the new window opens behind the current window).

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Temporarily override Safari's 'Block Pop-Up Windows' setting
Authored by: Accura on May 06, '03 09:35:37PM

my bad, sorry, i must have been on drugs, rob, take this hint off as i am embarrassed to have it agents my name, ill have to come up with something to redeem myself. blues brothers style

"The time has come," the walrus said. "To talk of many things..."

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