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Downgrade the 10.2.5 USB drivers to end kernel panics System
The USB kernel panic in 10.2.5 seems to be a pretty universal problem. No word from Apple yet that I can discern, except the instruction to disconnect the offending hub. However, hope is at hand. Buried in the iMac (Flat Panel) discussion group at is a comment by A. Brody that the USB kernel panic issue in 10.2.5 can be fixed by retrograding the IOUSBFamily kernel extension. You can download the IOUSBFamily installation software to install an older version of the driver.

I'm going to wait a while before posting this, as my previous suggestion about putting the offending hub on the far side of a known-good hub was premature. This procedure does seem to delay the kernel panic, but it doesn't fix it. A. Brody's suggestion sounds a lot more promising.

If you can read this post, my G4 running 10.2.5 with the retro IOUSB stuff and an offending hub attached will have been up for at least an hour and a half.

[robg adds: As I described in a previous hint, I resolved my kernel panics with a new USB hub -- I haven't had a single one since swapping the hub...]
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Downgrade the 10.2.5 USB drivers to end kernel panics | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Downgrade the 10.2.5 USB drivers to end kernel panics
Authored by: jeremyw on May 02, '03 11:01:12AM

This worked for me. On a dual 1 Ghz machine with 10.2.5 it was
running along great - until I upgraded to itunes 4 and QT 6.2 and
then it would crash reliably every 12 minutes. Frustrating to say
the least. I downloaded the slightly older IOUSB thingy and now
my machine is stable and it didn't cost me any more money.
Sure hope Apple releases a proper fix soon.

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Downgrade the 10.2.5 USB drivers to end kernel panics
Authored by: zookie on May 02, '03 08:49:54PM

Thank you! (and to the person who did the Installer).

It was interesting because I had saw this article earlier today. I hadn't any kernel attack (GUI dims showing four languages dialog box) until an hour ago. It happened about 15 minutes after I had used the scanner. Scanner was giving me hard time (saying it is not connected when it is connected, had to repeatly plug/unplug it to get a document scanned and out of the way).

Remembering this article fresh on my mind, I went straight to this article after I restarted (of course, I unplugged the HUB first).

All seems to be fine now. I do noticed the 7th LED green light dims then normal periodically? (Belkin 7-port USB HUB, 4-tier)


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Downgrade the 10.2.5 USB drivers to end kernel panics
Authored by: noblee on May 03, '03 12:27:50AM

I do wonder about this. You see, I have a Belkin USB 4-port
hub with 4 USB devices attached running on 10.2.5 and I have
not ever had a kernel panic ever and I installed 10.2.5 the day it
was released. I have to wonder what configuration(s) cause(s)


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Downgrade the 10.2.5 USB drivers to end kernel panics
Authored by: el bid on May 03, '03 03:59:17AM

Just want to report that:

a) my G4 PowerMac experienced a definite and persistent kernel
panic in 10.5.2, evidently caused by the failure of the latest
IOUSBFamily kernel extension in conjunction with the 4-way USB hub
in my CTX LCD monitor. There are many other reports of similar
kernel panics with other USB devices.

b) the problem has been definitively fixed here (as definitively as it
is possible to be in this business) by retrograding the IOUSBFamily
kernel extension as recommended by A. Brody. There's been no
sign of the kernel panic since.

I suggest this approach should be the first line of defence for any
10.2.5 users experiencing USB-related kernel panics. Buying a new
hub and/or switching to Windows XP probably won't even need to be
considered... :-)

el bid

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Downgrade the 10.2.5 USB drivers to end kernel panics
Authored by: Ganymede on May 03, '03 11:22:08AM

I concur whoe-heartedly with el bin. I am steeped in the middle of a very intensive project, with dozens of customers throught my state dependent on me responding in a timely fashion; I cannot afford any downtime on my system at home (from which I work). How foolish of me to upgrade then, just because the upgrade came out...
Kernal panics started in on my 733 G4 with Belkin USB 4-port hub (Blue) immediately, non-stop, VERY consistently. Removed the hub, and all problems disappeared. Once bitten, I was twice shy to make any other changes...
(Note: there are two models of Belkin hubs, and I see that my "Blue" has been discontinued. Nonetheless, I believe the problem is in the driver - so many other USB device configurations reported problems; they're only failing on Macs? nahh..)
Finally "downgraded" the IOUSB family driver. Even then I didn't re-install the hub... until an hour ago. System is up, hub is online, with printer connected and working. No problems so far...
So now, it's back to work!

ps macosxhints is the most helpful & informative forum I have seen - by far the best! Thanks :)

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