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Using iTunes music on an SMB share Network
I keep all my MP3 files on a Windows machine that houses a 120GB drive. With the release of iTunes4, I wanted to try out the Rendezvous sharing. So I added them to the library (with iTunes NOT copying locally), and all was good. The biq question was what would happen when I didn't have the PC drive mounted?

The iTunes mounts it automatically! That's right. I go to play a song in the library and I get prompted to authenticate. I imagine if I stored this in my keychain I wouldn't even get that. Neat little trick. May have been in iTunes3 and older, but I never tried. Just thought I'd share my experience.

[robg adds: I believe this is a feature of the file manager more than iTunes itself, but I may be wrong...]
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Using iTunes music on an SMB share
Authored by: sben on May 02, '03 11:59:05AM

I've also discovered this behavior, starting back in iTunes 3. It doesn't work on all my tracks, so I'm guessing that there are some differences in how the path to the SMB share is stored in the iTunes database, i.e. certain paths are recognized to automount and certain paths aren't.

(Yes, if you store your SMB login info in keychain, it works with that, i.e. automatically if you've recently authenticated through keychain, or prompting for your keychain password if you haven't.)

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works with NFS too
Authored by: awk on May 02, '03 12:07:36PM

I have my music library on my Linux machine shared with NFS
and it does the same thing, very handy. Did it in iTunes 3 too. I
also used to have it via AppleTalk sharing with older versions
and that worked great too.

However, if you're doing something besides just running iTunes
and hitting play (for instance ripping), I've found that
sometimes it will reset the library to your home dir rather than
mounting the shared directory, which might screw things up. So
I have my shared music dir in the dock and I always double-click
it to mount the dir before running iTunes to rip a CD.

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Automount music on another Mac?
Authored by: RodK on May 02, '03 08:03:34PM

My iBook's library consists of MP3s that are contained on an internal
drive on my PowerMac. Works great if I mount the PM drive before
launching iTunes. But it certainly won't mount the drive if it isn't
present. It just shows a bunch of exclamation marks indicating that
the files can't be found.

I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

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Automount music on another Mac?
Authored by: RodK on May 02, '03 08:09:39PM

I must stand corrected. It does work! I'm now thinking that when I
saw the exclamation marks, I just assumed the files couldn't be
found so I never tried it.

I just tried it and when I clicked the Play button, the drive mounted,
the exclamation mark disappeared for the selected song, and it

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Using iTunes music on an SMB share
Authored by: monsterjimmy on May 03, '03 02:34:27AM

I have my mp3s store on a linux nfs share. As the nfs share is
mounted at every login, I only have to load itunes and play
music or rip no problems, no username or passwords.
And no keychains

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Using iTunes music on an SMB share
Authored by: jeckil on Jan 13, '05 08:09:50PM

I created my music library inside a mounter SMB drive w/o problems except that most of my unicode named files are now using a messed up name? is that normal?

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