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Back up your purchased iTunes4 music or buy it again! Apps
This is a quote from Apple technote 93041:
Be sure to make regular backups of your music files (in your iTunes Music folder) by copying them to an external hard disk or other media. If your hard disk becomes damaged, or you lose any of the music you've purchased, you'll have to reimport all your songs and buy any purchased music again to rebuild your library. You can also make an audio CD of the songs you purchase so you can listen to them in a consumer CD player.
Fire up the backups!

[robg adds: My personal favorite humorous (maybe?) line on that page is the last one: "If you are uncertain about your right to copy any material, you should contact your legal advisor."]
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Back up your purchased iTunes4 music or buy it again!
Authored by: doggkruse on May 01, '03 11:00:50AM

crapola... I submitted this hint but I guess I wasn't loged in... This isn't totaly true however.... Apple just wants you to believe it.. Quote from my discussions with Apple: "We have researched your request and, as a gesture of goodwill, Apple will issue you a refund for five songs. You can expect to see a credit to your account shortly. Please note that this is a one-time exception to standard Apple policy. Should this situation reoccur in the future, Apple will be unable to issue a credit to you. If you experience a download issue in the future, please let us know. We can re-grant the download of an order for you. "

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Credit given...
Authored by: robg on May 01, '03 04:53:47PM

I just edited the hint to reflect your username...


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other warnings and questions
Authored by: SOX on May 01, '03 11:05:53AM

Apple also warns you to deauthenticate your mac before you
reformat the disk or sell it. its not clear but it seems to imply
that you could lose one of your 3 authentications if you dont.
Apple also warns you they are free to change how they
authenticate your music when you install it on a new mac any
time they wish.

This lack of clarity over the authentication protool has me
worried but not hyperventilating.

legitmate questions include:

1)how do I authenticate my music on future macs or ipods if
mac sells its music store to someone who either goes out of
bussiness or starts charging fees to authenticate. (dont laugh
mac switched its bussiness model from free to pay for
and claris works)

2) Someday i'll want to keep my music on my phone, credit-
card computer, ring, implant, etc....will future itunes allow me
to move music to non-mac music players?

3) if my computer is lost, the mother board dies, my hard disk
crashes, or a virus eats it, or my employer seizes it before
deauthenticate have I lost one of my authentications?

4) what if I go bankrupt and cant get a visa card. how do I
maintain a music store account so I can authenticate?

5) in the future, will legacy macs that cant run the latest OS
also not be able to authenticate?

As I said I'm not hyperventilating, and like 8-tracks and vinyl I
dont have the unreasonable expectation that I wont want to
replace my music media in the future. but I dont want to be
forced to because say apple goes out of the music bussniess.

and yes I realize I can make an audio CD but its not the same
as having bought a CD in the store since the store bought CD
will rip to higher audio quality for use in digital players (and I
predict in the future all useful players are going to be digital--
there wont be many CD players except as ripping devices)

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Holey cow dude... buzzkill
Authored by: srelan on May 01, '03 02:09:47PM

You must be really fun at parties...

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Back up your purchased iTunes4 music or buy it again!
Authored by: mosch on May 01, '03 12:18:07PM

I'm a little confused about this, seeing as you're allowed to have the music on multiple machines. Couldn't you "back up" your music by simply authorizing your replacement machine, and then clicking on download purchased music?

Clearly I'm missing something here.

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Back up your purchased iTunes4 music or buy it again!
Authored by: SOX on May 01, '03 12:51:40PM

Some simple scenarios that I dont know the answers to.
you have your music at work, at home and on your laptop.
say your motherboard craps out. oops now you cant
deauthenticate that machine. sure you can buy a new computer
but you cant authenticate it--sure you have the files but the
music wont play. what's the plan?

Or say apple music service goes out of bussiness. now what?
your cant authenticate any other machine.

In 5 years today's ipod's will be as exciting as a pocket
calculator: how will I get my music onto say my non-apple cell
phone or non-apple key chain?

Next year apple will migrate to the power 970 processor, and in
a few years g3s wont support the current veriosn of the OS or
upgrades to itunes. How do I authenticate or deauthenticate a
leagcy machine if I cant run the latest software?

there may be answers to these questions but I suspect its all
going to played by ear.

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Back up your purchased iTunes4 music or buy it again!
Authored by: Fofer on May 02, '03 02:08:01AM

You're missing something. Once you download a file, it doesn't
stay in any queue for re-downloading. You pay, you download,
that's it. If you lose it, Apple's current party line is you have to
pay to re-download.

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Back up your purchased iTunes4 music or buy it again!
Authored by: Power Factor on May 02, '03 10:12:57AM

Hmmmm, maybe I'm not that worried that now about the rest
of us (non Americans ) missing out on this mess. Looks Like you
all be Beta testers to me.

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