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Network access though a Bluetooth Access Point Network
Although not advertised, it is possible to connect your Mac to the Internet through a Bluetooth Access Point. I suppose here the access Point provides PPP LAN access.

0n 10.2.5, use the Bluetooth Serial utility (installed in Utilities folder) to create a new port. Give it a name like "BTAccessPoint" (name is one word). Hit "Outgoing," and pick the desired Bluetooth access point by clicking on the "Select Device" button. Discovering your access point services, select "LAN access using PPP." Note: to be able to discover the access point, make sure the access point is properly set up, and that, in particular, it does not filter out your MAC address...

Select the "Show in Network Preference" option, and eventually other encryption or authentification settings your Access Point may require (not tested with that option on on my setup).

Select RS232 on Port type. Close the setup window. Now the newly created port should show up in the port list (with BT AP name) and be selected. Quit BT serial port utility.

Go into Network preferences. On opening, it should show a newly detected port (BTAccessPoint). The TCP-IP tab should be set to "Using PPP." On the PPP tab, leave the phone number blank. Eventually fill in username and password info if your Access Point PPP settings require them. On the Modem tab, select "Null Modem 115200" modem profile.

You are done! Make sure this nework port is *before* other eventual network interfaces, since this order is the load order. Select the port in Internet access app (or menu), hit connect, and there you go! Good luck.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, as I have no Bluetooth enabled phones.]
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Network access though a Bluetooth Access Point
Authored by: Andrew Mair on Apr 30, '03 04:18:12PM

This is working well for me: G4 350, 10.2.5, 640MB, Inventel BlueDSL bluetooth access point (and adsl modem). The access point was bought cheapish off eBay and with a couple of dongles (D-link for G4 and Tecom for the laptop) seemed an inexpensive way of wirelessly sharing an adsl connection with my wife's Compaq laptop (Windows ME): an alternative to 802.11b. The laptop has always connected seemlessly with the the access point and given my wife the freedom to surf from anywhere within a 30 foot radius or so. A great success over many months. My G4 experience was less happy until I read this tip. Under 10.1.x my G4 would find the access point, give me an internet connection that worked for varying short periods and then dropped. It is entirely possible that I failed to set bluetooth up properly for the G4: the whole bluetooth area seems poorly documented and in places downright obscure. Under 10.2.x until now I have not bothered to revisit the issue and have continued to connect the G4 to the access point via ethernet cable link. Now perhaps I can finally consign the access point a convenient corner and lose that trailing phone cord. What about speeds? Well the bluetooth route is somewhat slower: typically with an ethernet link to my access point I get download speeds of around 460 kbps. I have just tested with a bluetooth connection and got 433kbps. Thanks for a very useful tip.

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Network access though a Bluetooth Access Point
Authored by: MichelP on May 05, '03 09:05:33AM

Pushing that a little further, you could imagine networking 2 Macs (each having a Bluetooth interface) together!...
One Mac, acting as a gateway (becomming the access point), publishing its incoming serial port (like the standard Bluetooth-PDA-Sync) and running pppd to serve ppp connection.
The other Mac (client) setup a bit like described in previous hint, with an outgoing port pointing to gateway's serial port.

The beauty of that is that the gateway, could be actually sharing its ethernet/airport Internet/dialup PPP Internet connection, hence acting as a router, delivering Internet service to the client.
...still with Bluetooth bandwidth limitation tough.

More info on pppd&nat setup to share internet connection (just simple applescripts to run on the gateway Mac) on:
(several macosxhints on the topic too, but applescripts are just one click!).
Deriving these for just a peer to peer connection, run this Applescript on the "gateway" Mac:

do shell script "sudo /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync 115200 noauth local passive noproxyarp asyncmap 0 silent persist &" with administrator privileges
(all in 1 line)
router will get IP, client (change if you want other addresses)

to stop the gateway, put that into an AppleScript:
do shell script "sudo killall pppd" with administrator privileges

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Network access though a Bluetooth Access Point
Authored by: samwillard on Jul 22, '03 03:45:28PM


does anyone know how to apply this solution to having a windows XP machine acting as an access point instead of a stand alone bluetooth access point ?

Im not having much luck



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Network access though a Bluetooth Access Point
Authored by: eduardoa on Sep 08, '03 02:37:16AM

hi i try what u post there but there is a problem it seems that the access point isnt giving me services y got a blank list, and when i try to pair the accespoint with my mac i cant, why i cant see the services, I am missing some step? my bluetooth access point is Bt300 bluetake

Please help me I just buy it...if u have an answer email me to ir post it here PLEASE HELP

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Network access though a Bluetooth Access Point
Authored by: jasont on Apr 22, '04 03:20:39AM

This worked with my belkin F8t030 connected to the lan port of my Airport extreme.

Couple things that might help (esp if setup is web based):
1) If you device can set up automatically connect it w/ ethernet first.
2) connect to the device (if you can't pair because it needs alpha instead of numeric follow step a) and pair it
2a) Hopefully selecting browse bluetooth device all type all devices will show you the name of your device AND it's lan IP
3) Connect to it using the lan IP and make sure all the settings are correct. Also ping something w/ the AP if you can.
4) Quit other running bluetooth items
5) Follow the sets for creating a port (you can recreate later)
6) Accept the port in network preferences and make SURE it is the first port.
7) have show connecting status and status while connected set up then click connect from the menubar.

good luck

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Network access though a Bluetooth Access Point
Authored by: eduardoa on Sep 08, '03 01:42:57PM

I already make all the configuration stuff but when i try to connect i got an error that says

Couldnt open the communication device


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