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Sony-Ericsson P800 synchronization workaround System
Users of the Sony-Ericsson P800 wonder phone have been vocal in the lack of a synchronization application for OS X. The handset comes with a PC application but neither Apple nor Ericsson have publicly announced any date for the release of an OS X management app. This is a way of reducing some of the pain of using a P800 with OS X. You must have Bluetooth. I'm using 10.2.5 (which specifically mentions the P800) so I'm not sure if this hint would work so well on 10.2.4 but I think it should.

First of all, go to Applications -> Utilities and make an alias for the Bluetooth File Exchange. Move this alias to the desktop and rename it as 'P800' or similar. I haven't found a better icon than the bluetooth one the File Exchange app comes with, so I left it at that (it would be neat to have a nice P800 picture instead). You can now drag/drop Contacts, SIS, WAV, MP3, JPG, etc. files to this icon and it will automatically open up a list of bluetooth devices. Use the 'favorites' functionality so that your phone is the only one listed and all you have to do is double click on your handset for the file to be sent to the phone.

Secondly, associate the '.sis' file type (P800 application package) with the Bluetooth file exchange application. You do this by finding a .sis file, right click on it, select 'Show Info'. In the dialog which appears, open the 'Open with:' panel, select 'Other...' from the drop down and navigate your way to the Bluetooth File Exchange app in Applications -> Utilities. Then press the button 'Change All...'. Now, when you download SIS files from sites like, they will automatically get sent to your phone.

These two things mean I no longer have to connect my phone to my PC to deploy apps, assign pictures to contacts or add new contacts. I think I'll continue to use this functionality even after iSync 2.0 gives me calendar/contact synching.

It would be great to be able to suppress the spurious error message Bluetooth File Exchange always pumps out, telling me the phone says it won't be able to accept my file. This simply adds an extra click. And it would be great to browse the phone too, but that seems to be too much to ask right now...

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Authored by: Diggory on Apr 15, '03 10:45:19AM

Does anyone else occasionally get "unable to validate device"
when sending to the P800?

also - I tried to sync my contacts over GPRS - but I don't know
the details for the iSync server.

Does anyone know them (database name for contacts / sync
server address)?

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Authored by: emarmite on Apr 15, '03 11:20:21AM

Yeah, I get that too. I simply do the transfer again <sigh> Have
no idea whether the fault lies with Apple's Bluetooth stack or the

The P800 seems to be the flakiest part of a flaky duo.
Interestingly though I have not had it crash when using it via
Bluetooth for GPRS since I installed 10.2.5 and I do about 90
minutes of this kind of use per day.

If you want to see the poor bluetooth file exchange get in a
muddle properly, simple drop a collection of files all at once...

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Authored by: aldisc0n on Apr 21, '03 06:02:33AM

Re: "unable to validate device":

The P800 seems to get into a strange state sometimes ... when I get this
I reset the P800 (hold power key for 10 secs) and then power it back on.
Problem then goes away.

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Authored by: boyetb on Jun 03, '03 11:19:38AM

Yes, I do get "unable to validate device" at times. A reboot seems to correct it. Still puzzles me why it happens.


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Sony-Ericsson P800 synchronization workaround
Authored by: ibalbin on Apr 15, '03 07:03:21PM

I have never had a problem sending contacts
to the P800 even before 10.2.5

What I did find, however, is that in the address
book, I needed to set under preferences, that
the vcard format would be 2.1 and not 3
before I exported all my addresses as a vcard.

What I have never seen anyone be able to do
is send a VCAL file across to the P800

I am sure it has to do with the particular
format of the VCAL file which the P800
understands. The one coming from
any of my Mac apps is not understood by the
P800 and the P800 thinks it is just a plain old
text file.

If I had a PC and outlook I'd try exporting
a VCAL file and seeing what the format was
and how it differed to the one on my mac.
Presumably therein is the problem.

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Sony-Ericsson P800 synchronization workaround
Authored by: jfraper on Apr 18, '03 06:51:58PM

Thanks for the Bluetooth File Exchange alias hint... I had already figured
out the long way.

That was was after I had found that the P800 PC Suite DOES work on
Virtual PC 6 for Win 2K... I installed the extra Viewers and Opera this

Does anyone know when iSync will support the P800?


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Sony-Ericsson P800 synchronization workaround
Authored by: gomezbenz on Apr 20, '03 03:22:15AM

Hint works with Nokia 3650 as well. Thanks!

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