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Listen to iPod through iTunes Apps
This may well be common knowledge, but Ive only recently discovered this through wanting to charge my iPod and listen to the music at the same time at work.

I have my iPod set to automatically update all playlists, but if you connect you iPod to another Mac (i.e. not the 'home' Mac with the tracks and playlists on it), then when you open iTunes and it explains that this is a different Mac than the one with your iPod's library and asks 'Do you want to replace it?,' say no. Then click on the iPod icon in the bottom right in iTunes and set it to 'Manually manage tracks and playlists.' You can now play the tracks from the iPod through iTunes and even change your rating and track details etc.

There are some Applescripts around that even enable you to select tracks and copy them to your Mac from here.

Just remember to change the settings to automatically update the iPod when you get back to your 'home' iTunes.
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Listen to iPod through iTunes
Authored by: seven5 on Apr 08, '03 10:49:03AM

hmmmm, it seems that i didn't have to do this much work for this to happen.

I just brought mine to work and plugged it in and played off of the iPod library....

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Listen to iPod through iTunes
Authored by: sfr79 on Apr 08, '03 11:12:15AM

i copied over my "iTunes Music Library" and it recognizes the iPod as its own. It can be annoying for the smart playlists though

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Listen to iPod through iTunes
Authored by: eleon on Apr 08, '03 11:27:15AM

just connect your ipod and fire up audion.

now you can listen all your itunes tunes and browse through your playlists.

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Listen to iPod through iTunes
Authored by: Johnny_B on Apr 10, '03 11:25:59AM

I have always hated the copy protect shit on the iPod. With this script:

You have much more options. I have a seperate iPod library (changing Libarys with scripts), so now I can copy and edit my music on the iPod as I want to :O) Nice

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Listen to iPod through iTunes
Authored by: BenK1342 on May 27, '03 12:51:52PM

The script listed there doesn't work with iTunes 4. Use the one at the top of the same page instead.

Thanks for pointing me there though. This is a lifesaver. I didn't know I couldn't do this until after I had copied all my music to my iPod and deleted it from my HD. It didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to do this the expected way.

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Listen to iPod through iTunes
Authored by: Jasstass on Jan 17, '06 04:57:10PM

okay, so i have a little situation

somehow i deleted all my songs off of iTunes, but i still have the on my iPod. how can get new songs from iTunes onto my iPod without deleting them off the iPod. I know it involves manually updating but i have no idea how to do that ... HELP!

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Listen to iPod through iTunes
Authored by: pelicani on Nov 30, '04 12:13:42PM

Yes, this is a cool feature. But the Last Played and count are not recorded on the iPod. Since most of my time is spent at work listening to my iPod in this configuration, I miss out on updating the majority of my music.
You mentioned that the ratings were saved, but when I tested this scenerio by updating my ratings they were not saved. Is there a way to get this information to be retained?

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