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Drag drawers to change size System
While sorting out my bookmarks in Camino the other day, I was frustrated that if I had a bookmark that was in numerous subfolders, then I could barely read its title (as each subfolder caused the name of the bookmark to indent).

A bit of random clicking later I discovered that you can change the size of a drawer by grabbing the little white space than runs around it, giving much more room for editing the bookmarks. I suppose this is pretty obvious, but somehow I have managed to miss it all this time!

[robg adds: Yes, this is a basic hint. But if you're relatively new to OS X, it might not be obvious that drawers are resizable. This goes beyond Camino, of course, and works in Mail, OmniWeb, and other apps that use drawers. Oddly enough, in searching the Mac Help files, I couldn't find any references to resizing at all; I'm not sure how you're supposed to learn this stuff other than through experimentation if it's not documented...]
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Drag drawers to change size
Authored by: shreddiez on Apr 07, '03 10:48:29AM
Robg said: But if you're relatively new to OS X, it might not be obvious that drawers are resizable.

I've been using OS X every day since the public beta and I only just worked it out!

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Which goes to show why drawers suck
Authored by: kaboom on Apr 07, '03 02:35:57PM

I've known about this 'feature' for a while but it did suprise me as well at first. Why? Because there is NO visual indication that drawers are resizable! Plus that border is nigh impossible to grab the first time unless you move your mouse very slowly and deliberatly.
That, coupled with the fact that drawers make your main window smaller in most cases (see Camino), point to lousy interface design.
Drawers should only be used for windows that will never be fullscreen and they should have a) a larger border to hit for resizing and b) some sort of indication (plus a cursor change) that shows that they are resizable.

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Drag drawers to change size
Authored by: aranor on Apr 07, '03 03:25:50PM

I would like to comment that drawers in Carbon look different than drawers in Cocoa, and Apple has stated that the Carbon look is the "correct" look and that the Cocoa drawers will eventually look like it.

I, for one, think the Cocoa drawers look much better than the Carbon drawers. Oh well, such is life.

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