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Open RTF files in Safari Web Browsers
I have to open RTF files every now and then, generally Read Me files for applications. But I don't like waiting for TextEdit to launch and then quitting it afterwards.

However, since I keep Safari open all the time, I have something much easier and quicker. Safari can read RTF files, so all I do is drag the file onto the Safari icon in the dock and it opens it right up, quickly and easily. It's much nicer than using TextEdit.

The only caveat is Safari can't read RTFD files, so if you have one of those you're stuck with TextEdit.
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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: bluehz on Apr 03, '03 12:19:13PM

I just discovered something I have never heard or seen before (maybe I just missed it) while testing this hint. I wanted to see just what woudl happen if I dropped an .rtfd file on the Safari icon... nothing... Safari won't even accept the drag. So I thought I would get a little sneaky and change the .rtfd extension on the file to ".rtf" to see if that would fool Safari.... to my amazement, when I accepted the "Are you sure you want to add..." dialog... the Finder proceeded to create a dir in the same location as my original rtfd file and named original-filename.rtf and fill it with and rtf version of the file and extracted graphics from the file. It also works in reverse - if you change the name of the name of the dir containing the rtf and image files back to original-filename.rtfd, the Finder converts it back to an rtfd file!

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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: tim1724 on Apr 03, '03 01:16:15PM

That's because an RTFD "file" actually is a directory. The finder isn't doing any "conversion" aside from changing the filename. The Finder knows that a folder with a ".rtfd" extension is supposed to be shown as a file, so it shows it as one. When the extension isn't ".rtfd" then the Finder doesn't know that it's an RTFD document so it shows it as a normal folder.

Note that if you want to see the contents of the folder even when the extension is ".rtfd" you can right-click on it and choose "Show Package Contents" to open the directory.

Tim Buchheim

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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: maguirer on Apr 03, '03 05:05:38PM

What happens if you hold Option-Command as you drag the .rtfd document on Safari's Icon?

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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: PancakeMan on May 28, '03 01:14:01PM

I'm a newbie Applescripter using this hint as a way of solving a scripting problem, but it's still not working. I am trying to write a routine that, given an rtfd file, returns the rtf within.

This is what I have so far:

tell application "Finder"
activate SourceFolder
set the name of file (CurrentTitle & ".rtfd") to CurrentTitle
open folder CurrentTitle
set the name of file "TXT.rtf" to (CurrentTitle & ".rtf")
move file (CurrentTitle & ".rtf") to SourceFolder
end tell

I get an error "Can't set name of file ..."

Any suggestions?

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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: maguirer on Apr 03, '03 04:58:20PM

Why not just leave TextEdit running?

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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: aranor on Apr 04, '03 03:33:05PM

I don't like to leave stuff running that I'm not using. Sure, I leave BBEdit open all the time, but I use that frequently enough to warrant it. I just don't use TextEdit, except to view .rtfd documents, and I see one of those about every other week, so the dock real-estate and the RAM usage (minimal as it is) aren't worth it.

I just don't really like TextEdit.

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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: carbontax on Jun 02, '10 03:02:17PM

This doesn't work for me.

1. Dragging an RTF file onto the Dock icon does nothing.
2. If I explicitly open the file from in Safari it happily opens the file in TextEdit for me.
3. Same if I force the Finder to open the file in Safari, naturally.

Is it my version of Safari?
It doesn't sound like you had to enable anything. Did you?

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Open RTF files in Safari
Authored by: MJCube on Jun 03, '10 02:46:40PM
Same for me. I used to do this under Tiger 10.4 with Safari 3. Seems to have changed with Safari 4.

I Googled and found an issue last year with Safari 4 beta not allowing Mail to save as RTF or plain text, but that is working for me now (Mail 3.6). So I'm guessing it's not a change in WebKit.

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