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Apr 01, '03 12:01:00AM

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Beaverton, OR -- April 1, 2003 -- today announced its new strategic direction to address the constant need for growth in the dynamic web site information portal business. In a highly anticipated move, the site announced that all future hints will eventually focus solely on the WindowsXP platform.

"It's the way of the future, no doubt about it!" said Rob Griffiths, founder and Editor-in-Chief. "Sure, the Mac might be easier to use, have a more elegant interface, and through its use of UNIX, have access to the world of Open Source software. But really, at the end of the day, who cares about any of that?" Griffiths goes on to state that "really, it's all about registered user counts, daily page views, and publishing as many hints as possible, quality be damned! When you get right down to it, those are the only things that anyone with money to throw at you ... er ... I mean to invest in your business ... are going to care about."

The transition to the new format begins immediately, with the unveiling of the new site logo: will support both platforms during the transition, but fully expects to devote 90% of its resources to the project within 30 days. At that point, Griffiths notes, "we'll have lost most of the Mac users anyway, and those that are left won't really notice that the Mac site is not getting updated as regularly, nor are the hints as interesting or useful as they once were." If public outcry warrants it, the company will maintain a skeleton crew to keep up appearances of supporting the Mac, but all efforts will, according to Griffiths, be focused on "making the number one hint destination for the hundreds of millions of Windows users out there."

In anticipation of the new crowd, is actively seeking advertisers from Windows-advertising-centric stalwarts such as online casinos, multi-level marketing companies, and organizations such as Griffiths notes "we fully expect to support pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-intos, Pop Tarts, and whatever other kinds of technology these companies require."

In a related announcement, the cost of a subscription will be increased from $10 per year to $500 per year. According to Griffiths, this is due to "the increased investment required to support the new advertising technologies, as well as the greatly increased costs of tech support for the Windows platform." He goes on to state, "We hated to do it, but we felt we had no choice if we were going to compete with the established brands in the WinXP market -- we need capital to match their level of hardware and software development. We may lose a few customers over it, but that's the price of progress sometimes..."

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