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A possible fix for Apple Remote Desktop WAN/VPN issues Network
If you are running into problems using Apple Remote Desktop (for example, you can't see anything but a black screen when you try to control a remote host), and have checked for UDP connectivity over the oft-cited port 3283, try this as well...

Check to see if the intervening routers and firewalls are allowing fragmented packets. Disallowing fragments is a serious show-stopper for ARD.

Hope this helps someone who may be frustrated by the problem...
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A possible fix for Apple Remote Desktop WAN/VPN issues | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Linksys Router
Authored by: saint.duo on Mar 31, '03 12:47:03PM

I have the Linkys 4 port router (model BEFSR41). Before the ARD fix for Jaguar, everything worked fine. After Jaguar and ARD updates, I can still connect from my machine behind the router out to another computer, but I cannot connect from an outside machine into mine. I have the proper ports mapped. When I try to connect to my machine, ARD tells me that it cannot control a machine running in (it may be under) 256 color mode. Everyone that I know personally that has the BEFSR41 is having the same issue.
I don't see anything on the LinkSys site about fragmented packets. If anyone knows the fix for this, I'd LOVE to hear it.


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Linksys Router
Authored by: paulskinner on Apr 01, '03 04:30:33PM

You'd also get that error if the system you are trying to control is asleep. have you verified that that isn't the issue?
Try waking the system and then attempt to control it.

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Linksys Router - fixed
Authored by: saint.duo on Apr 02, '03 11:40:23AM

Well, my machine itself was never asleep (as my G4 going to sleep turns off the ethernet port), but I do allow the displays and drives to sleep. I tried connecting to my machine with ARD, but clicked the wake up button before controlling it, and it worked. So, having the display asleep causes the same message.


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Linksys Router
Authored by: markwagner on Jun 14, '03 06:18:27PM

An apple field technician suggested this solution to me when faced with the same problem on my campus (not being able to view a machine because its displaying less than 256 colors - but you know that's not true)... be sure to 'wake up' the machine using ARD before trying to view or control it. Works every time. :)

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Change the MTU
Authored by: gilburns on Apr 01, '03 08:08:23PM
I find that a quick change of the MTU size fixes all the problems with getting a black screen over a VPN connection. Open a terminal and type:

sudo ifconfig ppp0 mtu 1280

Set the mtu value to one that works for you. 1280 works for me.
The interface for my VPN connection was ppp0, substitute the correct value for your connection. Open a terminal window and type:


To see a full listing of all active connections

Mileage may vary, but that's what worked for me.

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