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Share or move's Junk filter among machines Apps

I have found a way to backup and/or share the "brains" from the Junk filter in Recently, I wanted to wipe out my system and reinstall a fresh OS X. I didn't want to back up and restore my user directory (defeating part of the purpose of a fresh install) but I didn't want to lose over seven months' worth of Junk filter training.

The solution is a single file: ~/Library/Mail/LSMMap. Simply back up this file, and when you reinstall the new system, run Mail, reconfigure your mail server(s), and turn Junk filtering to automatic. Quit Mail and place a copy of the backed up LSMMap into ~/Library/Mail, replacing the version that is there (about a 1.2 meg file). That's it!

The Junk rules can be shared among multiple computers in this way as well, provided you match up owner and permissions on the destination machine.

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Share or move's Junk filter among machines
Authored by: cynikal on Mar 24, '03 06:29:07PM

it would be interesting if you could place this file on a network file system and have all your use it so that they could use/add to the training for all your different machine's.. i guess there would be issues with locking so more than one doesn't overwrite it ?

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Share or move's Junk filter among machines
Authored by: ershler on Mar 24, '03 06:32:22PM

It would at least be useful if iSync would sync this information as well as the address info.

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Share or move's Junk filter among machines
Authored by: ericbush on Apr 09, '03 11:43:26AM

I would think this would be possible with a symbolic link on a user's machine to the network server. Users with laptops would have to bring down a local copy, but desktops would be able to do that. The file on the server would have to be set for everyone's permissions but theoretically it should be possible.

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DO NOT Share or move's Junk filter among machines
Authored by: msk on Sep 10, '03 08:57:49AM

Do not share the LSMMap between different accounts whether on the same machine or different machines unless you wish to lose the ability to train the Mail App Spam filter. Once I copied/moved this file all updates to LSMMap stopped except for the original account it came from. I rebuilt all the other mail accounts yesterday and things are back to normal, i.e. the Mail App Spam Filter is learning once more.

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Share or move's Junk filter among machines
Authored by: jonbauman on Jan 27, '04 03:25:52PM

After doing some reading on the Apple forums, I learned that the difference between LSMMap and LSMMap2 is that the former is specific to Jaguar, while the latter is specific to Panther.

Interestingly, if you take LSMMap from a Jaguar install, and place it in the ~/Library/Mail directory of a Panther install, it seems to create a LSMMap2 with the training data from LSMMap. I'm almost certain this wouldn't work the other way though.

I have Jaguar at home and Panther at work. I like to do clean installs, so worries about preserving my training data had kept me from upgrading my home machine. Hopefully, it looks now as though it won't be an issue.



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