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Use the Finder and the dock to preview music Desktop
If you like to preview music before you add it to your iTunes library for whatever reason, this hint may be for you.

Personally, I like to have my music be top quality, and so I like to preview them before opening them up in iTunes, so I don't accidentally add some low quality song to my music library (which I then have to manually weed out).

So here's what you do: put the folder to which you download in your dock (even if you have your desktop as your download folder, you can still do it -- just go to your home folder and drag the Desktop folder to your dock -- it seems a bit funny, but it works). Now open it once, change the view to column view, and close it.

Now all you have to do to preview a song is to click on your download folder's icon in the Dock, select the newly downloaded file, press the play button in the preview pane, and then (this is the sneaky bit) minimize the window to the dock. This way, you won't accidentally change the view of the window (causing the music to stop), and you'll still be able to hear the music the whole way through. If you deem it to be of high enough quality, then you can simply double-click it and add it to iTunes.

While this may sound simple, it's something that has really saved me a lot of time.
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Use the Finder and the dock to preview music
Authored by: vonleigh on Mar 24, '03 02:44:16PM

I prefer opening the song in Quicktime Player. All you do is drag the MP3 to the app's icon in the dock.

Advantage is that I've found that it plays better (finder can sometimes skip) and you can hide, move around and do anything and it'll keep on playing.


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Use the Finder and the dock to preview music
Authored by: dborod on Mar 24, '03 03:36:35PM

You can right click on the column headers in iTunes and include the date added column so that you can add things to iTunes and then sort by date added to easily find the newest ones and delete them if required.

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Use the Finder and the dock to preview music
Authored by: taikahn on Mar 24, '03 04:48:44PM

I have that pesky preview column turned off ----


Ill stick to drag and dropping it on quicktime player!

Some people (still) think the world is flat...

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Use the Finder and the dock to preview music
Authored by: leebennett on Mar 24, '03 10:14:05PM

sounds like a lot of work. why not just click the file, hit command I, and playing it with the preview that's in the get info window?

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Much easier way to do it
Authored by: Stereo on Mar 25, '03 09:52:52AM

Open iTunes, create a new playlist. Drag all the files you want to sort to that playlist. To make sorting easier, you can give the songs you don't want to keep a one star rating, which you can do by ctrl-clicking on the iTunes icon in the dock. If you sort the playlist by rating, all the unwanted songs will be grouped at the top. Select the songs you don't want.

Now here's the interesting part. Press alt-delete to delete the song not only from the playlist, but also from your library. iTunes will display a dialog asking whether you want to remove these items.

Once that is done, you can choose Consolidate Library from the Advanced menu to copy all the files the library contains to your iTunes Music folder. You can then delete the folder containing all the songs you had dragged to the playlist, and the playlist itself.

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