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Using an iPod with a Wallstreet Powerbook System
In order to use your iPod with the Wallstreet Powerbooks, it is necessary to purchase a FireWire PCMCIA card, and then startup a fully charged iPod in a special mode. This approach is acceptable, but it doesn't work that well.

An alternative to this approach is to purchase an external FireWire drive with a powered bus (you still need the PCMCIA FireWire card), and connect your iPod to the extra FireWire port on the drive. Now your iPod is connected to a powered FireWire port. Consider doing this when it's time to upgrade your internal hard drive. Just make sure you get a powered FireWire drive.
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Using an iPod with a Wallstreet Powerbook
Authored by: uhduh on Mar 20, '03 10:30:51AM

Another option is to buy a firewire card with two ports. Plug the iPod power adapter into the wall and the first port and then plug the iPod into the second port with an extra Firewire cable. This will provide the power to firewire ports and the iPod allowing you to use it with any Pre-Firewire laptop with a PCIMA card. It will also save you money because you will only need to purchase a second firewire cable instead of an expensive Firewire Hard Drive.


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Using an iPod with a Wallstreet Powerbook
Authored by: hcavillo on Mar 20, '03 12:43:12PM
The card you would want is the Ratoc CBFW2 See it here

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special mode?
Authored by: jlbibc on Mar 26, '03 05:10:00PM

what is this special mode to which the original poster referred?

my sister uses my old lombard with a firewire card, but we can't get the iPod to kick in. when its connected, the firewire icon appears on the iPod, but nothing else happens. we are using a cardbus compatible firewire card to which we can plug in an external power supply.

could this special mode bootup be what is necessary? how does this work?

thanks in advance,

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Using an iPod with a Wallstreet Powerbook
Authored by: mattbrink on Mar 20, '03 01:50:39PM

You can also use a powered Firewire hub or repeater. (This is what I did on my WS when I first got my iPod.)

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Another solution: Ratoc Card
Authored by: mithras on Mar 20, '03 03:53:44PM

Yet another option is the Ratoc Firewire Cardbus card, which accepts power from an AC adaptor (purchased seperately).

Since I own all 3 of these (the Ratoc, a powered hub, and a powered disk), I can say with some confidence that plugging into the Ratoc is the most satisfying solution, since if you're moving around you'll need the Cardbus card anyway.

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