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Another USB to network printer conversion Network

This is a follow-on to a previous hint. Hawking Technologies now sells a "single USB" version of the print server (Model H-PS1U) mentioned in that hint. Adding it to my network was relatively simple.

My network is cable moden connected to an Snow Airport basestation (acting as a DHCP server). The basestation is hardwired to a five-port hub. A Cube is also hooked to the hub. My wife and I each have an iBook with an Airport card. All computers are running Jaguar 10.2.4. An Epson 777 was connected to the Cube via USB. Of course, the Cube and printer are in the basement, so if we wanted to print from an iBook we had to go downstairs and plug the 777 into the iBook.

I was psyched when the PS1U came out. To add it to the network I had to:

  1. Plug the 777 into the PS1U. Plug the PS1U into the ethernet hub. Plug in the power for to the PS1U.
  2. To assign an IP address to the PS1U start Terminal.
  3. Enter sudo arp -s aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff (see man arp). NOTE - A static IP number on an AirPort network should be anything between and (see Airport documentation). I picked 222 because it's easy to remember. Replace 'aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff' with the 12 digit MAC number on the white sticker of the PS1U.
  4. Fire up a browser and go to
  5. Click on "Setup" in the lefthand column.
  6. Click on "TCP/IP" under Setup.
  7. In the TCP/IP section, enter for the Mask. Enter for the Gateway. Click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
The above only has to be done once. For each computer on the network that has to print to the newly networked printer:
  1. Download Ghostscript and Gimp-Print from the gimp-print website.
  2. Install Ghostscript.
  3. Install Gimp-Print.
  4. Follow the Gimp-Print documentation to add the printer to Print Center.
  5. Print.
  6. Send a kid downstairs to pick up the printout.

Life is sweet.

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Mac OS X & OS 8 on same network?
Authored by: the_webmaestro on Mar 17, '03 11:14:36AM

How do I share a printer with Mac OS 8.1 and Mac OS X on the same network? As you might guess, I've got an older Power Computing PowerTower Pro 225 with a PowerPC 604e running Mac OS 8.1, and I'd like to share a USB printer. Any ideas?

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Mac OS X & OS 8 on same network?
Authored by: normd on Apr 13, '03 11:08:56PM

Printer sharing on Macs is a mess. You can use Printger Sharing to share printers from OS9 toOS9 and OSX to OSX, but you cannot share between OSX and OS9. Very bizarre. The Hawking Print Server works great with OSX and Win 2000/NT/XP machines but does not work with OS9 and Win 98. If you try to print from OS9 to a USB printer on the Hawking, you get garbage, presumably Postscript since OS9 sees it as a Postscript printer.

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Another USB to network printer conversion
Authored by: gigabarth on Mar 17, '03 02:26:05PM

Hmmm, I'm wondering why, especially in the case of the hint poster, one wouldn't just turn on Printer Sharing from the Services tab in the Sharing System Preference. I have a network with a variety of laser and inkjet printers (some over ten years old) that are all shared across the network simply by making connections with one Mac and then sharing. Some of these connections are even done through GIMP-Print. The poster's printer, an Epson 777, is one of these printers. You don't need extra hardware to set this up if you've got a Mac on the network running Jaguar and already connected to a printer (like a Cube in the basement). And, if you don't have a Mac on the network, the new Airport Base Station has a USB port for a printer connection that can be shared network wide. Am I failing to see something here? Seems like a waste of money (and time) to me...

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Another USB to network printer conversion
Authored by: eyver on Mar 17, '03 03:48:05PM

If you are using USB printer sharing, the computer the printer is hooked up to must ALWAYS be on in order for the printer to be shared across the network. This is a pain for those who like to put their computers to sleep or shut them down when not in use. Using this USB to Ethernet converter as was described provides 24/7 access to one printer across the entire network, and with the ability to shut down or sleep the other computers when they are not in use.

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Another USB to network printer conversion
Authored by: chemdude on Mar 17, '03 08:16:15PM

As "eyver" said, this method keeps me from having to worry about whether or not the Cube is on and awake. As far as expense, $57 (Amazon, free shipping) is cheaper than a new Airport Extreme. Time? Geez, maybe 15 minutes.

The bottom line is that having multiple options available benefits everyone. What's best for your network may not be the best for me.

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Another USB to network printer conversion
Authored by: rkchang on Mar 17, '03 09:20:26PM

I use the same Hawking print server and absolutely love it! I actually find it incredibly useful to share my usb printer (HP PSC 2110x) between my Win2k desktop, which I use only on occasion, and my iBook (hooked together via a Linksys wireless router). Given that my Windows desktop is fairly slow, I find it incredibly annoying having to turn it on just to print out something, and I guess I'm just too lazy to move from my living room to my office to plug my iBook and printer together. As far as I've read, Airport Extreme does NOT allow print sharing with non-OS X machines (does this exclude Linux machines too?). Given most alternatives, this is VERY affordable (a little more than $50) and convenient (very short setup time) option.

Now, if I could just find a way to share the scanning capabilities of my HP PSC...

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