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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode Internet
I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to use my brand-new Sony Ericsson T68i as a wireless modem with my AT&T GPRS Wireless Service. I had hoped that I could just "dial in" and use my thousands of minutes to get dialup service like any other modem connection. Unfortunately, AT&T wireless doesn't support this and it will disconnect almost immediately if you try. You must use their GPRS service and very few people know how to set it up correctly because it's so cutting edge.

Finally, I got it to work, but had to go to numerous sources, including several websites discussing related topics, my local Apple Store (which couldn't help either), and telephone calls with AT&T Wireless Services' Mobile Internet division (866-293-4634). Note that I was told they don't support Macs or Bluetooth. As a result of my difficulties, I wrote up a set of clear (I hope) instructions.

This is definitely one of the coolest things to do with a bluetooth phone and a real "showoff activity" for your PC friends.
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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode | 19 comments | Create New Account
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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: charliemorss on Mar 12, '03 11:00:00AM

Gee, I must be more of a Unix guy than I thought. When I first saw this hint I said, "Boy, I had no problem, it just worked". Then after looking over the steps involved I see that I really did do pretty much all those steps!

Thanks for taking the time to document this - it's a really cool feature and maybe if more people use it AT&T will get their data rates down to something reasonable.

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Authored by: figz on Mar 12, '03 01:09:19PM

I'm sure the GPRS set up steps are very similar for T-Mobile's GPRS. But my question is, although the non-GPRS "dial-up" didn't work with AT&T, is it possible to do this with T-Mobile? Simply using your phone to dial a phone number to your pre-existing isp?

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Authored by: drgardner on Mar 12, '03 09:18:27PM

There is a knowledgebase document on Apple Support that explains how to use the T68i as a Bluetooth Modem. Article number is 86151 and I found it by searching on "bluetooth modem." The article suggests selecting the Ericsson T39 19.2 modem script, but that didn't work for me - I ended up with a 9.6 connection using the 14.4 script. I'd try it by the book first, then experiment.

Does anyone know if the T-Mobile GPRS Service works with Macs? The T-Mobile website seems to state that it's a windows thing only. That's a pain...

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Authored by: dsaponaro on Mar 12, '03 11:56:59PM

Ive connected to the T-mobile GPRS but have not been able to connect through dial up. Can anyone confirm connecting through dial up with T-Mobile T68i and using "minutes" instead of "data".

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T-Mobile GPRS - how?
Authored by: mikerose on Mar 13, '03 11:38:28AM

Dan, can you give details on how you got GPRS working?

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Authored by: mikerose on Mar 13, '03 11:39:54AM

I don't know why I called you "Dan" -- sorry, assuming that's not your name...

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T-Mobile GPRS Internet
Authored by: dixonbm on Jun 13, '03 04:47:08PM

Ok, Finally!!! Check out T-Mobile's site. They've got a new internet data plan. If you have voice service you can add UNLIMITED internet/data for only $20!!! Without voice its $29.99.

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Authored by: mithras on Jul 23, '03 11:05:30AM

I have used both the ISP dialup and GPRS connections, with my Nokia 3650 and T-Mobile.

The ISP dialup is slow - around 9600bps. But it works fine, uses only regular voice minutes, and can work in a pinch if you need to connect to the network.

The GPRS connection is faster, but not amazing; I get around 28-35kbps (i.e., files download at ~4.5 kilobytes per second). You'd better sign up for the unlimited plan at $20/month if you want to use it more than once.

To set up GPRS, just enable the Bluetooth Modem Adapter in the Network prefpane, and set the PPP telephone number to *99#. Also, select a vaguely appropriate modem script in the Modem tab. (I use the Nokia Infrared script with no ill effect.)

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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: luckboy on Mar 12, '03 01:23:45PM

I'm sorry you had so much trouble getting this to work or finding the answers, but I must say that AT&T has done a good job of support with this particular task. The illustrated guide is at:

Don't remember where I first saw the link, but I bookmarked it before I even got my t68i.Thanks for taking the time to document it for others, though. Hopefully people will find one page or the other.

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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: WAW401 on Mar 12, '03 04:17:18PM

yes, I was actually impressed that AT&T's website had detailed, OS X screen pictured, step-by-step instructions. I got to it by logging-in to which you can't get to unless you're already an mMode customer.

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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: luckboy on Mar 12, '03 04:30:51PM

Ok, so now that we know how to use GPRS as a modem, anyone get IMAP mail working on their AT&T T68i?

I tend to get wrong mailbox or password errors, and I haven't seen any way to fix it...

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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: zedwards on Apr 11, '03 02:29:48PM

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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: jszack on Mar 12, '03 08:12:24PM

Thanks! I can't believe it!!! Really bugs me, in fact, that both the Apple Store people and the AT&T Wireless People themselves were clueless. Much appreciated.

Jason S. Zack, Ph.D.

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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: RiotNrrrd on Nov 22, '04 11:18:45AM
The T68i tutorial has moved (I'm adding this comment over a year later 'cos a new hint about setting up the K700i was posted today, 11/22/2004, and it referenced this old article). It's now located here (direct link):

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Deal for those of you holding out on getting the T68i...
Authored by: glowurm on Mar 12, '03 03:06:54PM has quite a deal. Check here for the details.

General idea: get $50 net profit (service not included) for signing up with AT&T, plus $19.99 off a future DVD purchase.

Better deal than what I got, that's for sure.

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Using a T68i for Bluetooth net access with AT&T mMode
Authored by: zedwards on Mar 12, '03 03:27:17PM

CAUTION: This is a good way of racking up $300 in charges, like the sales person told me about another customer. Try to get the person to waive to first month so you can try it out. the large package is $X a month with a fairly low limit, like 10 MB and the last time I checked one photo can be at least 10 MB...

But as a side note, bluetooth is really great, esp. the games and syncing.

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GPRS + Mac + T68 + Provider "one" in Austria
Authored by: sms on Mar 13, '03 07:56:30AM gives you infos about what is mentioned in the subject!


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BT Dialup works with AOL and T-Mobile Plan
Authored by: robertjordanusa on Mar 13, '03 09:29:45AM

How fast is the GPRS connection? I cannot find that data anywhere on Sony's site or forums.

I had no trouble using a straight Blutooth dialup to my local AOL internet acount. It is a drudging 9600 connection, (watching every picture load slowly) but it works. I also have unlimited nights and weekends for $2.99/mo. (T-Mobile plan)

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Another set of instructions...
Authored by: robg on Apr 18, '03 09:01:24AM
I recevied the following as an anonymous hint submission, but it clearly is directly related to this hint, so I'm running it as an associated comment instead:
For those of you trying to connect to the internet with a Bluetooth phone like the T68i, I found a site that gives you step by step instructions on how to set it up. There is little info on the net to tell you how to do this becuase you need to download a modem script for the phone. This site provides screenshots of everything and I was able to get it up and running in no time. Now I can connect to the internet via my PowerBook anywhere!

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