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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs System
You can squeeze more files onto a CD-ROM if you burn the CD-ROM using MacOS 9.2.2 than if you use MacOS X 10.2.4. On my G4 Dual, using the burner software that comes with the operating system, these are the numbers for a 650 Mb CDR.
  • MacOS 9.2.2: 647.5 Mb
  • MacOS X 10.2.4: 601 Mb
Is it worth your time to squeeze another 46 Mb onto a CDR? You decide...
  • You need to restart your computer to get to MacOS 9.
  • Burn the CD.
  • Restart the computer to get back to MacOS X.
One interesting thing is that all of your long file names and folder names do not get lost or corrupted. I expected this to happen and was happy to find that it did not.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, but I'd be interested in hearing if others have found the same results...]
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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs | 11 comments | Create New Account
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What about Toast?
Authored by: schaps on Mar 11, '03 11:03:23AM

I have Toast Lite I use in OS X, but not an OS 9 version to test. Anyone curious enough to see if this is a system-level problem or just a shoddy OS X disk burning implementation?

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Use OS 9 to burn more data to CD-Rs
Authored by: Auricchio on Mar 11, '03 11:19:39AM

Are you sure the CDs are in the same format?

Is it possible that the OS9 CD is in HFS format, and the OSX one is ISO9660 or hybrid? That would explain a difference in available space.

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Format would explain it...
Authored by: jiclark on Mar 11, '03 11:43:17AM

By default, the OS X Finder burns in Hybrid format. So that would explain it, I'm guessing. You used to be able to choose right at the beginning of the process, but now I'm not sure how you'd change it. Probably using Disk Copy; definitely if you're using Toast.


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Down to hidden files?
Authored by: lestmak on Mar 11, '03 11:43:22AM

Have found that Mac OS X hidden files, seem to clog up my ZIP disks too, although admittedly, it's not the same as burning a CDR

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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs
Authored by: werikblack on Mar 11, '03 11:47:34AM

Here's my recommendation, assuming you have the available hard drive space (which you should anyway since Disc Burner creates a temp file).
1) Create a folder with the files you want to put on CD, with the folder named with what you want your CD to be called.
2) Check the folder size to make sure it is at least 1-2 MB smaller than what your CD will be. You can experiment with this, but it's a time-saver if you don't quite fill it. This will even work with the 700 MB CDs.
3) Open Disk Copy in OS X and use the "New > Image from Folder or Volume" option (command-I). Select the folder you want to use, and for image format, choose "DVD/CD master," and save the image.
4) Staying in Disk Copy, choose "Burn Image" from the File menu (command-B) and choose the CD master you just created.
This process will allow you to burn CDs at their full size. These will be HFS CDs, so if you're planning to use them on PCs, I'd recommend buying Toast Titanium. It's cool. :-)

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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs
Authored by: leebennett on Mar 11, '03 10:00:15PM

what might be happening is that various hidden/system files are being included on the CD. these include the .DS_Store files that save, among other things, window positions and sizes. you're best off not burning these for security reasons anyway. you can still burn an HFS+ disc, but use Toast instead. when you drag in a folder to add to the CD, all the hidden files (ones that start with a period, such as .DS_Store) will show up. they're dimmed, but you can still select and remove them.

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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs
Authored by: CraigStanton on Mar 12, '03 02:51:27AM

I have a 700mb CD and a folder that measures at 665mb using 'Get Info', but using Disk Copy it makes a 725mb image that won't burn because it is too big. The only odd thing about the folder is that I have set a .gif (about 140Kb) as the background image. So my question is why can't it burn 665 on to a 700 disc?

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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs
Authored by: prock on Mar 11, '03 12:21:45PM

I've not had problems burning a CD under OS 10.2.x using the full capacity of the CD. I've used Toast to do this. So, I'm not sure it is related to OS 10.2 vs OS 9. Haven't seen any other posting regardjng such an issue on any of the mac discussion/bulletin boards.


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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs
Authored by: thecentaur on Mar 12, '03 06:50:22AM

Is everyone sure that this isn't just an issue of 1000 bytes = 1 K in OS X
vs 1024 bytes = 1 K in OS 9? Consequently this would be the same for
megabytes (MBs) - I notice they said "Mb" which with a little "b" is
normally a bit, even though I know a byte was meant.

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Why OSX burns smaller discs
Authored by: discordantus on Mar 13, '03 03:40:57AM
If you look in the resources folder inside the's package, you'll find four "proxy" disc images. These are the disc images that are used as templates for when you insert a cdr. If you mount those images, you'll find that the image for 700MB (80 min) CDs actually is only 660MB in size. So it doesn't make full use of the cdr when it is burned onto it.

I've tried hacking it by replacing the images with larger ones, but it doesn't work... I suspect it is due to the format that the Finder expects these images to be in?

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Use OS 9 to (possibly?) burn more data to CD-Rs
Authored by: charles2003 on Jul 28, '03 02:59:34AM

This hint works!

I tried to fit just under 640 Kb onto a 650 Mb CD-ROM in MacOS X and got a message saying not enough room. Then following this hint was able to fit it all on after starting with MacOS 9.

I used the Burner that comes with MacOS on a G4-Powerbook.

MacOS 9 said 647.5 was available on the CD-ROM.
MacOS X said 601 was available.

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