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As of today (well, a while ago, actually ... but I'm finally getting around to announcing it today!), there's now an "official" IRC channel. For the few of you who may not know what IRC is, it stands for Internet Relay Chat. Think iChat without the fancy GUI and with better tools for managing large discussions, and you've got the basic concept. Although IRC can be a bit intimidating if you're new to it, I think you won't find this to be the case with the macosxhints' IRC channel...

Thanks to forum readers eagle_eyes for setting up the IRC channel, and to Chuck (aka saint.duo) for creating an easy way for all of you to get there -- the XHintsChat application [659K dmg]. Of course, the XHintsChat application wouldn't be possible without the hard work of Nate Friedman and Doug Brown on OpenMac, the customizable IRC client that XHintsChat is based upon.

The XHintsChat application is basically a regular IRC client that's been modified to connect directly to the macosxhints' chat channel. Just double-click the application and follow some simple instructions, and you're in. If you're experienced with IRC, just point your favorite client to and join channel #macosxhints.

When might you want to use the macosxhints' IRC channel? When you have a question that you need answered right away, and you can't wait on the forums. When you think you've found a bug / feature / whatever in OS X, and you'd like someone to test your theory. When you just want to say 'hi' to some other OS X users.

I'll do my best to stop by on occasion ('griffman' is the moniker you'll see me under there), but the beauty of the channel is that it's not reliant on any one individual's presence to be beneficial to all -- everyone can participate!

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