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Send iChat conversation logs via email Apps
I haven't seen this one in the archives. Most of the readers probably know that iChat keeps conversation logs [robg adds: it's an option in the Messages section of the prefs which is turned off by default].

However, did you know that you can go to the ~/Documents -> iChats folder and drag conversations to an e-mail to send to other people? Useful for reminding someone what was previously discussed. They can open them in their iChat application.

[robg adds: The iChat logs are binary files, so (somewhat annoyingly) you can't browse them with a text editor. You can use grep -l "some_text" *.chat in the Terminal to list which chats contain certain text, but you'll need to use iChat to then browse that conversation for the text you were looking for ... but you cannot then use Command-F within iChat - argh! So you have to select all then paste into a text editor. The chat logs would be much more useful with a better searching mechanism...]
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Send iChat conversation logs via email
Authored by: Pi_ on Feb 24, '03 11:59:56AM

There's a program called Loggorhea.. I'd suggest downloading it. It searches iChat files :-p

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Send iChat conversation logs via email
Authored by: dannyboy on Feb 24, '03 10:31:36PM
Big fan of Logorrhea (though not the name ;) ). You can get it at


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Don't Do It, It's a TRAP!!!
Authored by: grrr223 on Feb 24, '03 12:25:20PM

If you're going to have pre-marital IM logs, please do so responsibly,
and always use protection. OS X will provide some protection, but it is
not 100% effective. Abstinence is the best protection. :)

....or at least make sure that your girlfriend doesn't know how to open up
your IM conversations with your best friend from that night you met her
at that party....

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Send iChat conversation logs via email
Authored by: yosithezet on Feb 24, '03 01:02:55PM
You could glance at the contents of the file using:

strings filename | grep string

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Find by Content?
Authored by: UltraNurd on Feb 24, '03 10:22:22PM

FBC seemed to work fine for me when I used Find in the appropriately-named Finder. I added my ~/Documents/iChats/ folder to the specific places section, since I have something like 1500 logs...

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