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A possible Photoshop 7 / 1220 dpi LaserJet issue Apps
I just ran into this nasty bug at a customer I switched recently to X. Everything worked fine except Photoshop 7 when we tried to print out a simple JPEG file. The result? It ended with us removing the power cable from the printer because it had already printed out 50 pages and one line of garbage text on every page.

I set the HP LaserJet 2100 TN printer via the HP Utility from an OS 9 machine from 1200 to 600 dpi default resolution and voila, everything in PS 7 prints just fine as it should.

[robg adds: I can't confirm this one, but thought that it might help someone...]
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A possible Photoshop 7 / 1220 dpi LaserJet issue | 6 comments | Create New Account
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A possible Photoshop 7 / 1220 dpi LaserJet issue
Authored by: jzsimon on Feb 24, '03 11:26:03AM

This is a bug known by HP but they are not saying its a bug, they're saying it's because binary postscript is "not supported" by their printers when printing over USB or TCP/IP, but many applicatiosn send binary postscript by default (because it's legitimate postscript and it's more compact).

Binary postscript is supported over appletalk. It is also supported over TCP/IP if you don't use the default queue but instead use BINPS for the queue.

There are several other help pages at HP that document the problem with different applications.

One possible workaround that I haven't tried but just might work is to configure the printer to only accept postscript and not accept PCL.

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RE: A possible Photoshop 7 / 1220 dpi LaserJet issue
Authored by: mikema on Feb 24, '03 10:47:19PM

I've encountered this problem with my crappy NEC SuperScript 1800N. What I found I needed to to was change the "Encoding" to JPEG instead of Binary.

When printing in PS 7 via the "Print with Preview" screen, the Encoding is at the bottom. With my SuperScript, this takes much longer, but it works.

I think the problem lies in the fact that HPs and almost everything else uses Emulated PostScript. The Xerox printers I've dealt with all have genuine Adobe PostScript and I've found they're extremely fast in printing Photoshop (and Illustrator) graphics in any of the encoding formats.

Good Luck.

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Workround in 10.2.4
Authored by: Ashmount on Feb 25, '03 04:40:32AM

We had a similar problem with an HP 4V/4MV. A 'solution' under 10.2.4
(can't remember if this works for earlier Jaguars) is to use "new printer"
in Print Center to create an AppleTalk rather than IP printer (you can
have both at the same time). Because, as jxsimon says, binary
postscript is supported over Appletalk, files print OK.


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A possible Photoshop 7 / 1220 dpi LaserJet issue
Authored by: nikon-f on Feb 25, '03 07:45:12PM

I have no problems in printing to my HP 1220 from PS7.1 on my G4 867 via TCP/IP.
I have the Laserjet 1220 and an Epson Stylus 1270 feeding via their parallel ports into an Axis 5600+print server which is connected to an Ethernet LAN run on a Linksys 4 port Cable/DSL Router. Both printers can be accessd from each of my 2 Macs and my wife's Wintel PC.
No special configuration - I just installed PS 7.1 on the new G4 and have been sending images to both printers. I have just registered with macosxhints, and this is the first I've heard of the problem.

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Workaround for this issue
Authored by: bluetracer on Feb 26, '03 08:03:04AM

I had this problem, too. I got around it by ignoring Print Centre and going straight to CUPS at http://localhost:631, then configuring the printer to send RAW data to the URI socket://print.server.ip.address:9100/portname:9100

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A possible Photoshop 7 / 1220 dpi LaserJet issue
Authored by: bcdeith on Feb 26, '03 12:11:43PM
The problem is not unique to photoshop, nor the particular printer. You'll see the same problem with other apps, particular those by Adobe. The solution is to configure the application to use ASCII postscript, rather than binary. The preference can be... ummm... challenging to find. For photoshop:
  • Open a file, or create a new file
  • Under the File menu, select "Print with Preview..."
  • At the bottom of the window, look for the encoding popup menu. Select "ASCII"
  • Click on the "Done" button. This will set the option without actually printing anything.

You'll also want to do the same thing for inDesign, Acrobat Reader (Note the problem doesn't always manifest itself - depends on the nature of any graphic), and Illustrator. You'll also see the same problem on other printers, such as the Lexmark T616N.

We leave the finding of the preference in other apps as an exercise for the alert reader. If you want to cheat, try the help for each application, and look for postscript encoding.

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