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Resynching with mutt and IMAP accounts Apps
I was accessing a Linux mail server with IMAPs and I was also periodically accessing the same server with Mutt. I found that after accessing with Mutt, would sometimes get confused and show me the header for a message, but the body would be from email from months previous. To fix, I blew away the old mailbox information found in ~/Library -> Mail -> IMAP:account@hostname. Get out of Mail, and try the following to force to re-sync from scratch:
 % cd ~/Library/Mail/IMAP:account@hostname/
 % rm -rf Deleted Messages.imapmbox INBOX.imapmbox Junk.imapmbox
At that point, I got back into, it re-synced and everything looked normal. The only thing that I can figure out is that some signature matched between old, deleted email and new email. Perhaps mutt was confusing it. Regardless, I lost nothing, but messages now make sense.

[robg adds: Although probably not necessary given the intent of the hint is to remove them, you might wish to create a backup of the three directories before you rm -rf them ... just in case!]
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Resynching with mutt and IMAP accounts
Authored by: bluehz on Feb 21, '03 10:48:05AM

I had that exact same problem when I was trying mutt and pine last week.... I saw the issue you are talking about split messages, etc... and was terrified I had broked my whole message archive. I immediately gave up on pine/mutt ... might try again with this hint.

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Re: Resynching with mutt and IMAP accounts
Authored by: blb on Feb 21, '03 02:37:13PM

mutt adds a Status: header to the mail, to keep track of what's new/old/been read/etc. I wonder if this new header throws off's synchronization between the mail file and it's cached information?

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Re: Resynching with mutt and IMAP accounts
Authored by: LouieNet on Feb 21, '03 11:33:31PM
Yup. Seems like the addition of the header line throws off the Mail's table_of_contents file. After I've accessed the mbox file with "mutt -f mbox", I found that if I renamed or deleted that table_of_contents file, then when Mail is relaunched, it rebuilds its TOC file with no complaints.

I've only tried this with very small mailboxes. I do not know what the performance will be like on larger boxes.

G4 cube, 1152M RAM, OS X 10.0.4

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Resynching with mutt and POP accounts
Authored by: LouieNet on Feb 21, '03 11:37:45PM
To clarify, I was using mutt on the mbox file that Mail had created from downloading email messages from a POP account. This wasn't with IMAP.

Does a table_of_contents file get created within IMAP folders?


G4 cube, 1152M RAM, OS X Server 10.2.3

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Resynching with mutt and POP accounts
Authored by: bluehz on Feb 24, '03 07:30:58AM

I know this isn't the proper place to ask - but I am trying to use Mutt a bit, but having a hard time getting started. Soooooo many options to worry about. Is there a simple "quickstart" docs somewhere? I would like to work my way UP to all those options.... but not have to worry about them when I start out.

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beginner's guide to using mutt?
Authored by: Moofisto on May 26, '04 06:18:33AM
A slightly less brutal method
Authored by: acrollet on Feb 21, '03 03:20:44PM

I've had this problem in general with when connecting
for many short modem sessions (cell phone access was my only option) I nuked the mbox.SKindex.isValid file in the offending folder, and that fixed the problem. (I think immeadiately, without re-connecting to the IMAP server) You might need to nuke the mbox.SKindex file itself if that doesn't work - sorry for the hazy details, it's a while since I did it. At any rate, it can't hurt to try before nuking the whole directory and having to download the whole thing again.

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