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Minor site tweaks applied tonight... Site News
Based on my own experiences and some emails from others (thanks for the feedback!), I've made a few changes here tonight:
  • The big news is that the new syndication engine is working. Just point your favorite news reader (NetNewsWire, SlashDock, PluckyX, etc.) at:

    and you should now see (assuming your news reader supports it) the article title, the date, the category, and the first 225 characters of each hint! Again, thanks to Lucas for pulling this together!
  • The header has been reworked to better handle resizing (the Pick of the Week table should be much friendlier) and the "new window" on the Forums link is now gone.
  • Comments now have backgrounds in all themes, which is most noticeable in Classic (you can actually read the comments now!).
  • Some lingering references to "•" (for the bullet symbol) have been replaced (they don't render correctly in some versions of Netscape-based browsers).
  • I found and removed some lingering colors from the Gray theme.
There is also a bug that I'm currently trying to sort out -- the What's New box is not sorting correctly. Although all new comments are being picked up, the newest is not sorting to the top of the box.

Please continue to send in reports for things you find that don't look or work correctly -- and thanks for all the kind words on the conversion. I'm glad most people see it as an upgrade!

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Minor site tweaks applied tonight...
Authored by: thatch on Feb 18, '03 01:50:12AM

I'd like to take a moment to say how pleased I am with the
upgrade. It's more intelligently using my large screen real estate
enabling me to fully kick back and enjoy. And it really isn't 180
degrees different than what I've been used to here, so it's easy
navigating around. Everything works great. The new syndication
engine and NetNewsWireLite is just fine. The search engine is a
big improvement. Bravo and thank you!

BTW, I still use IE for my browser because of the secure banking
and brokerage compatibility stuff.

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Pick of the week bug?
Authored by: friedmaj on Feb 18, '03 08:16:31AM

I notice that the Pick of the Week box is not updated for this week.

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Authored by: robg on Feb 18, '03 08:47:31AM

Sorry about that; I edited the template last night on my local machine, but it had old data in it. All better now!


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Love the new site - minor tweak request
Authored by: brianlees on Feb 18, '03 08:44:20AM

Unfortunately, I have to surf the web on a PC at work...ugh! Anyway, I noticed that the text in the main story blocks under the Classic theme in IE 6 on Win2k is MUCH smaller than the text as it displays in Safari (even IE for Mac)....which is perfect. Would it be possible to increase the text size slightly in IE for Win but not affect Safari or IE for Mac?

Keep up the great work...


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Should be better now...
Authored by: robg on Feb 18, '03 11:32:32AM

I just bumped all the IE/Win sizes up by one. Looks like I need to do some tweaking to equalize header sizes in comments vs. hints, but the overall size should be much better now (with no impact on Safari or anything else).


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Should be better now...
Authored by: brianlees on Feb 19, '03 09:28:00AM

Looks perfect now. Love it! Love it! :-)

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Minor site tweaks applied tonight...
Authored by: z0mbi3 on Feb 18, '03 09:08:25AM

yes !!
finally a GOOD RSS feed !! :)))))
thank you very much !!


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Safari login
Authored by: jecwobble on Feb 18, '03 10:12:57AM

It's probably a Safari thing, but I couldn't log on with my ID and password last night unless I did so with IE. No biggie, since I surf here more from work (NT- yuck) during the day than at night. Anybody else have this experience (I'm using the latest beta release of Safari).

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Safari login
Authored by: robg on Feb 18, '03 11:26:17AM

Safari is tenacious about cookies and cache. Empty cache, delete the cookies, quit Safari, launch Safari, login.

Not sure why it wants to remember things so strongly...or whether it's something to do with Geeklog's cookies and Safari.


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Cosmetic suggestions
Authored by: jecwobble on Feb 18, '03 10:19:34AM

For Rob, if he's reading, just a cosmetic suggestion. In the background of your logo you have a gradient blend from white to light-blue. It stops right after the the word 'hints.' It 'feels' like it really should continue on to the far right. Maybe you could take a thin vertical slice of the gradient to use as a repeating background for the table cell on the right.

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