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Performing a 'super clean' install on a PowerBook Install
If you are having hardware issues with your PowerBook and want to really start over, try this method (as suggested by Apple tech support) of doing a really clean install.
  1. Back up all your data
  2. Shut down system
  3. Remove power and the battery
  4. Remove keyboard and reset PMU -- there is a small button in the top right hand side under the keyboard in an oval shaped hole. Push the button.
  5. Plug power in
  6. Reboot into Open Firmware (hold down Command-Option-O-F when you turn on your machine)
  7. In Open Firmwarre, type reset-nvram (you should get an OK in response)
  8. In Open Firmware, type in reset-all (your machine should reboot, have your Jaguar DVD/CD ready)
  9. Insert Jaguar DVD/CD and hold down the 'C' key to boot from the DVD/CD
  10. Do a fresh install of OS X, and choose to 'Erase Disk'
  11. Update to 10.2.3 (I used the Combo installer)
[Editor's note:These are basically the same steps that Tech Support had me follow while trying to debug an issue with an iBook, except the reset PMU steps are different. Obviously only recommended when you REALLY want to start from scratch!]
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update step 11
Authored by: harywilke on Feb 14, '03 01:26:26AM

10.2.3 is ancient. 10.2.4 is the way to go

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update step 11
Authored by: teetoo on Feb 23, '03 09:43:00AM

10.2.4 is causing problems for many users - use might want to hold
off 10.2.4 until 10.2.5

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Super Fresh Install
Authored by: tsugaru on Feb 14, '03 02:29:35AM

You may wanna do it again. 10.24 came out today.

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Super Fresh Install
Authored by: theswitcher on Sep 22, '03 10:27:25AM


DOws anyone know if this will work for the new Powerbook G4's? have already already lost the restore dvd and can't seem to get anything to work. have requested a new dvd but will be a few days. thanks in advance!

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Update step 7*censored*
Authored by: Timbo on Feb 16, '03 06:14:48AM

You may want to add a 7a step and type "set-defaults" in open firmware

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Performing a 'super clean' install on a PowerBook
Authored by: ruebenschuss on Feb 17, '03 07:16:38AM

Mhm, OK.
But why should I want to reset the PMU? Any suggestions when it is recommended to do so? I've never had any more trouble that wouldn't be cured by a clean install. Only thing I think of now is a high frequency noise when the PB is in battery-mode and the brightness of the display is highest. I used to solve it by lowering the brightness.


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Performing a 'super clean' install on a PowerBook
Authored by: haystack on May 05, '03 11:18:50AM

Can you please explain the different sequence for a clean install on an I-book ???


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