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Temporarily bypass the Finder's snap to grid setting Desktop
You can temporalily bypass the "snap to grid" view option setting in the Finder. Hold the command key while letting go of the mouse button after dragging, and the icon will stay right where you drop it. [robg adds: The oppposite is also true - if you don't have snap to grid enabled, command-drag an object to snap it to the grid when dropped. This trick will not work if you have one of the "Keep arranged by" options selected, as that setting seems to override all others.]
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Temporarily bypass the Finder's snap to grid setting | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Same as OS9,8, maybe 7
Authored by: ksujeff99 on Feb 18, '03 07:46:07PM

Not wanting to rain on anyone's parade but this has worked the same way for as long as I can remember--in OS9 and OS8. (Maybe OS7, I can't remmeber that far back).

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newness not required, necessarily...
Authored by: robg on Feb 22, '03 06:39:48PM

Remember that not everyone here has been on a Mac for that long (if at all prior to OS X). So if it seems like something that not everyone would tend to know, it will probably appear here...


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There's a bug in the implementation
Authored by: mahakk on Feb 18, '04 08:52:39AM

if you select multiple volumes and try to bypass the "snap to grid" setting via the command-key, you'll end up with aliasses of said volumes -- some of which won't even display the alias arrow, so that you may think you've just copied your volume or some such.
very strange...

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Temporarily bypass the Finder's snap to grid setting
Authored by: FredenFromSweden on Mar 12, '04 09:25:13AM

While on the subject... does anyone know how the @#$%^& grid decides where, when, and how it places the icons. It seems like it changes from one icon drag to another.

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How do I tighten up the OSX Finder icon-grid?
Authored by: ihelp-mac on Apr 16, '04 04:38:29AM

I would also like to find out how to SET THE PREFERENCES for this invisible desktop "grid" that the various icons "snap" to.... In OS9.x you could set the grid to either "loose" or "tight"---I *assume* that there's some preference-file buried in the system or user Library that would allow for this sort of tweaking---I want MORE (large!) icons on my desktop

How EXACTLY is this sort of tweak done? (to make the grid incrementally tighter, so 128pix icons are "jam-fitted" on the desktop...???

HELP! (I'm not a programmer, and don't want to mess things up...)
--would be nice if Apple had a few more bells-and-whistles for the Finder System-Preferences... :-/

David A. Lewis

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How do I tighten up the OSX Finder icon-grid?
Authored by: tejinashi on Nov 29, '05 05:32:19PM

Did you ever find the answer to this? This is exactly why I came to macosx hints to try to figure out. I haven't been able to find anything on google.


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