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Changes on the beta site... Site News
Just a quick reminder that the beta site is available for public review this week. Throughout the week, look for changes as I get ready for this weekend's cutover. Today's change is a work-in-progress theme (3D Lights2) that registered users can set in their Display Preferences. As always, comments welcome -- but keep in mind the site is a work in progress, and please post your comments to the existing articles on the beta site.

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Re: New Site Design
Authored by: olwylee on Feb 11, '03 11:04:31AM

Nicely done.

The mostly white background is a little hard on the eyes first thing in the morning, but I'll just start wearing sunglasses when I visit early. ;)

But seriously, you and your help are doing a fine job.

It looks great Rob.

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Authored by: pwharff on Feb 11, '03 12:50:13PM

I like this new look very much. Although it might be nice to have a non-white background. You could still use something light in color though for the background. But overall, I really do like the new layout.

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Please put column on right side.
Authored by: xnor on Feb 11, '03 01:19:39PM

The new design is great, but please put the column on the right side. It looks a bit too heavy, and the content should load first (left <td> before right <td>)

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Please put column on right side.
Authored by: Maxwell on Feb 11, '03 05:02:52PM

he's right ... please do that...

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Working on it...
Authored by: robg on Feb 11, '03 07:28:16PM

As an aside, I tested the new designs down to 800x600, and they all rendered with no horizontal scrolling -- a major benefit of one-sided boxes!


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column on right side for small screens
Authored by: mclbruce on Feb 11, '03 06:34:46PM

Another benefit of switching the columns is it makes it easier for those with small screens, such as clamshell iBook users. They can get the hints easily, and expand the window for the other stuff if necessary.

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Please put column on right side.
Authored by: sunsoul on Feb 12, '03 08:42:06AM

The guy's right, column to the right.
The other guy is right too, change white background.
and maybe i am wrong, but isnt the background color of the search field too blended with the rest of the line. At least change it when you click on it to enter some strings to search. (just to have a difference so its easier to locate)

Frames are pretty nice and general look is more professionnal than before, good job :o)

oh, and that new way of writing the topics, wayy cool ;o)

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No font specified for body of hints?
Authored by: mclbruce on Feb 11, '03 06:40:50PM

This may not be possible, but I'd like to let the font and size of the hints be the default of my browser. I'm OK with you specifying the color, I'd just like to have my native serif font used in the body.

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