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Access Aqua font smoothing in Apple's X11 UNIX
For those interested, freetype aware programs under x-windows can use Apple's version of the font server for font anti-aliasing. To enable this, just add the following lines to /etc/X11/XftConfig:
 dir "/Library/Fonts"
dir "/System/Library/Fonts"
Then restart X11 and try:
 open-x11 xterm -fa Monaco -fs 12
X11 should come up with an xterm with smooth text! In principle any freetype support program should work with this. Credit should go to The Fink Users Mail-list and Ettore Aldrovandi for this cool little trick.
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Access Aqua font smoothing in Apple's X11 | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: VEGx on Feb 11, '03 11:01:00AM
Now all I need is the "transparent" background like that of Terminal!

How do I use altialiased text with OOo?

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Authored by: Han Solo on Feb 12, '03 05:35:51PM

What I'd really like to see is the ability to seamlessly work with X11 apps and Terminal, without X11 spawning additional or separate xterms. I suspect there is a way to do this, but I've yet to figure it out.... Hopefully something Apple will incorporate by 1.0. (Then you'd have your transparent windows back!)

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Already there...
Authored by: porkchop_d_clown on Feb 11, '03 11:20:52AM

Those settings were already in my Xftconfig when I opened it. Maybe it's part of the new beta?

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Already there...
Authored by: midan23 on Feb 11, '03 12:06:42PM

I think so ...
I never touched this file and the two "dir"-lines were there.

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Already there...
Authored by: pete on Feb 11, '03 12:10:43PM

Mine was there also after updating X11. I also noted the location (finally) of the xinitrc file that X11 uses on opening! Not an invisible file, but easy to fiddle with!

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Add font spec to xinitrc
Authored by: osxrox on Feb 11, '03 12:56:52PM

I tried modifying my '~/.xinitrc' file to specify the font format in an X11 startup window and it works. I added '-fa Monaco -fs 10' to an xterm statement in the bottom section (# start some nice programs). The line, uncommented, now reads:

xterm -geometry 80x25+0+25 -fa Monaco -fs 10 &

I chose 10-point for my xterm window. Note the font spec has to precede the ampersand if you are opening multiple windows. If you are only opening one window I believe the ampersand isn't required. (I have commented out the other xterm and clock statements in my file.)

Note that the default 'xinitrc' file installed by Apple's X11 .2 beta uses twm as the window manager, simply change the line in the bottom section (# start some nice programs) from 'twm &' to 'quartz-wm &' and enjoy aqua windows.

Now if I could only get antialiased access to my fonts in OpenOffice! Patience, patience,...

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Add font spec to xinitrc
Authored by: HeimirFreyr on Feb 11, '03 04:31:35PM

But you can already have anti aliased fonts in OpenOffice.

Simply copy all your existing OS X fonts to /Applications/OpenOffice.org1.0.1/share/fonts/

I also copied them into: '/Applications/OpenOffice.org1.0.1/share/fonts/truetype' just in case.

Works fine. To make the font on the menus anti aliased too I had to use the zoom feature in the settings dialog (set it to 109% or something).

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Add font spec to xinitrc
Authored by: osxrox on Feb 11, '03 06:19:18PM

I have had no success with just copying OS X Truetype fonts as is into either '/Applications/OpenOffice.org1.0.1/share/fonts/' or '/Applications/OpenOffice.org1.0.1/share/fonts/truetype'.

I have had some luck with 'fondu' as referred to below. I am quoting from a post on the '' forum 'Testing - Mac OS X' (I hope making such a quote from another forum is ok).

"Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2003 2:04 am    Post subject: Re: Thanks
Mac-style fonts will not work right now. These include OS 9 style fonts with font data in the resource fork (fonts with names like simply "Arial") and also Mac OS X style .dfont files (fonts iwth names like "Bookman.dfont"). These are _not_ straight-up TrueType fonts, they actually stuff the font data into a resource in either the file's resource or data forks, but they are not simply TrueType files.

We are working on getting this support in and hope to have it very soon, like the next couple weeks. However, if you check out the Fondu project ( they have converters that can convert Mac fonts to real TrueType files (ie files with the extension ".ttf"). We actually use this in the installer to convert Lucida Grande to .ttf so we can change the interface font to a nicer one.

Be aware there are kerning and spacing problems with some of the Mac OS X fonts when you convert them with Fondu. These will manifest themselves as problems like all the characters laying on top of each other when you type. Its kind of hit or miss.


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Works in X11/xterm also
Authored by: bluehz on Feb 11, '03 05:18:23PM

You can also do this from within X11 iteslf and it works. From an xterm you can issue:

xterm -fa Monaco -fs 12

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Use commands directly in 'Applications' menu
Authored by: osxrox on Feb 11, '03 07:05:45PM

I entered the following in my command for xterm in Apple's X11 .2 'Applications' menu:

Name - Command
Terminal - xterm -geometry 80x25+0+25 -fa Monaco -fs 10

I thought it should work and, bingo, new terminal windows accessed from this menu are now antialiased in 10-point Monaco (my preference, simply modify the size at the end of the command line for yours).

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Authored by: invalidname on Feb 12, '03 10:48:32AM
[1] + Bus error xterm -fa Monaco -fs 12


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Authored by: gedalin on Feb 13, '03 12:19:36AM

I had the same problem (bus error) which was solved by deleting my ~/.xftconfig.

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Authored by: invalidname on Feb 13, '03 08:53:52AM

Thanks for the tip, but I didn't have an .xftconfig to delete.

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Authored by: gedalin on Feb 15, '03 08:30:07AM

If you can run xterm bun -fa Monaco gives "bus error" this means that your Xwindows get wrong information about the fonts to be used (my understanding, may be wrong). I have done some experimenting with ~/.xftconfig and found that the string
dir "~/Library/Fonts" results in the bus error. Try to find all your xftconfig files (case insensitive) and see whether they are all consistent. You can also try to find out what passes the font directpry names to the xwindows (I do not know what).

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not working here (entirely)
Authored by: secundar on Feb 21, '03 09:03:49PM

It works great for xterm but not for AbiWord or mozilla. Can anyone point me somewhere where I can solve this problem? Thanks!

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Access Aqua font smoothing in Apple's X11
Authored by: ekinnee on Mar 15, '03 04:18:35PM

Nice way to get this to work for ALL xterms is to create a ~/.Xresources file. In that file you can place things like this:
xterm*background: Black
xterm*foreground: White
xterm*termName: xterm-color
xterm*faceName: Monaco

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